Hazrat Lesson

Hazrat Lesson

I am often amazed at how my twin soul connection with Robin manifests. Today was one of those days. It is like our connection is being woven together by the Divine through the events of my daily life and his life in spirit. I honestly do not know how this works, this process of interconnection of souls who are in different planes of existence. Nevertheless, it happens with Robin and me on a regular basis. It is something I deeply appreciate and want to celebrate. If it were not for this beautiful handiwork of the Divine, which includes Robin’s spirit, this blog would not exist.

Today, I decided to read (or maybe was guided by unseen hands to read) The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have, by Mark Nepo. I had not read it in years. It is a book of daily meditations on life, including the author’s experience of cancer. One of my yoga teachers from Colorado read to us in class from this book and I liked it so much, I bought it years ago.

I read through many of the selections randomly, just to see what his reflections were on different life events. Then, I decided to see what he wrote on December 22, Robin’s birthday. I connect strongly with Robin’s birth date and over the years pay close attention to messages associated with his date. I think this is because I missed all of his birthdays, so this is my way of connecting with this special day. To my great surprise and shock was this quote (pg. 419):

December 22: The Lesson

God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open. Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan?? I just wrote a blog post on him called The Question and The Answer on May 10th. I was so amazed by this. Sometimes with Robin, I feel like I’m being followed. It’s this sense of us mirroring each other in the most unpredictable of ways.

Yes, I’m certain that I read this passage for December 22nd at sometime in the past, but it was so long ago, I did not remember anything about the passage and I certainly did not remember any mention of Hazrat Inayat Khan. I would say I’ve had this book by Mark Nepo at least 10 years. At the time I got this book, I knew nothing about Hazrat Inayat Khan and did no additional research on him. It’s important to keep in mind that I only recently learned about and studied Hazrat Inayat Khan. I did not know anything about him until a few months ago, while studying twin souls.  I really like this master though, especially his emphasis on the fundamental oneness of all religions:

Now, here he is in this book, connected with Robin’s birth date. This makes me feel a profound connection with Robin and this message. I feel spirit was guiding me to revisit this book at this specific time, given my recent blog post, so that I could see this connection with Robin. This means so much to me. Thank you God and Robin very much for this!

How often do I close my heart against the pain of the world, because it is too much to bear sometimes? What would it take for me to keep my heart open with Divine Love even through the most painful of circumstances? It seems I have to continue to evolve to the point where I am finally able to do that. Life has a way of assisting us all in this because we all encounter deep spiritual challenges.  Mark Nepo puts it this way:

Each time I tried to close up what had been opened. It was a reflex, natural enough. But the lesson was, of course, the other way. The lesson was in never closing again.

That is so much easier said than done. It’s a true spiritual practice to learn to keep the heart open. Breathing into the heart, into whatever pain is there, can help. My intuition tells me that with the open heart, forgiveness and acceptance come more easily. When it closes, those important healing processes are delayed.

I am grateful for the deep reflection on life these authors have offered us. I hope you find something of value in this information as well.

How could I close this post without a matching Bee Gees song? You know the obvious one, about mending a broken heart! Perhaps the heart mends when it stays open. Enjoy!