Over the years as I read about Robin and watched interviews, I learned that he liked the sea. So, I decided to place a starfish, sand dollar, and some shells on his altar to bring in that feature.

On June 29, 2015, I walked into my room and noticed that the starfish which had been on top of the altar table for Robin had been moved to my meditation cushion on the floor. Here is the picture I took:

Even though I was used to Robin moving things at this point, it still surprised me. It always brings me joy when he visits and lets me know he’s here by moving things.

He must have liked the starfish because on a second occasion, he moved it off of the altar table again to the floor. This time he placed it beside a book I had by his altar called The Origins of Music:

In a way, it was like he was pointing out his awareness of this book that I would read to him from. You can see it in the picture below:

Since there were these 2 occasions of the starfish being moved telekinetically, I decided to do some research on the spiritual symbolism of the starfish. Here is some information I found. I especially like this first one, so I hope you’ll visit the link to see what else she has to say. She has a beautiful, mystical, direct experience with starfish:

The Starfish is a universal and celestial symbol of infinite divine love. It has been used to represent the Virgin Mary – or Stella Maris, which means Star of the Sea – an ancient title she goes by because she is believed to lovingly intercede as a guide and protector of those who travel over troubled waters or seek their livelihoods on the sea. For this reason she is also seen as an emblem of salvation during trying times, which the Starfish reflects in this mirroring symbolism. In addition to love, the Starfish also emanates the energies of inspiration, guidance, brilliance, intuition, and vigilance, with its connection to the stars.

According to Dawn Baumann Brunke in the book, The Key to Spirit Animals: From Communication to Meditation: Advice and Exercises to Unlock Your Mystical Potential,

starfish are symbols of renewal and regeneration and encourage us to feel deeply. She states that starfish encourage us to fine-tune our feelings and to engage subtle levels of awareness so that we may move forward with greater joy and sensitivity.

In the book, Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, by Ted Andrews, starfish are described this way:

Starfish Associated Traits
Impulsive, Reflexive, Instinctive, Regeneration, Growth, Sustainable, Magic, Healing, Opposites

Symbolic Meaning Of Starfish
The starfish’s lack of brain is part of what makes its symbolism so important. Because it does not think, the starfish animal totem makes a great symbol for instinct and reflexes. The starfish doesn’t think about what it is going to do, it just does it. This is one of the things that helps to keep the starfish safe and that helps it too keep away from other predators.

If a starfish feels like something is wrong, it will react as soon as it can to save itself. This can apply to a human’s life as well. A person’s instinct is usually right. Many people say that your first guess is usually your best guess. Be like the starfish and use your instinct and reflexes to your benefit.

It is very rewarding to learn about the deeper meaning of starfish. They are so beautiful and sacred.

With my communications with Robin, I often take what he does as a lesson that I should explore more thoroughly. I could say that it’s so great that he moved the starfish twice and leave it at that. However, he is very intelligent and I know he wants me to look at the deeper implications of what he does so I can get more out of the experience. It’s a good habit to get into with signs and communications from loved ones. Dig deeper!

All my best to you,