Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

This post is a follow-up to the post I wrote on The Blue Island.

While I was in the process of writing the post, which I wrote over the course of a couple of days, it occurred to me to ask Robin if he went to the Blue Island upon his passing. I had never asked him before, so I thought this was a good opportunity.

At 1:13 am on Monday, June 25, 2018 I wrote Robin this letter:

Beloved Robin,

Did you go to the Blue Island when/after you passed away? If yes, then please let me know with something to do with a BLUE BUTTERFLY.

…A blue butterfly or something related to that is the exact sign I ask for. Please make it so clear I cannot mistake it or doubt it! If this is 100% absolute TRUTH.

Thank you for your response.

I love you,


Today, June 27th, Julian and I went to an auto dealership to have work done on our car. At one point, a lady needed to walk by, so I backed up and said, “Excuse me” politely. She smiled.

A few moments later, I turned in the direction of where she walked. On the back of her shirt, I saw a blue sequined butterfly! I did a double take when I saw it. I thought to myself that it was my sign from Robin that I asked for.

I thought for a few moments about approaching her because I wanted a keepsake and evidence of the sign. I wanted to get a picture. I had to borrow Julian’s phone because I did not have mine with me. I got his phone and then approached her as she was coming in from outside. I asked her if I could take a picture of the blue butterfly and she said yes. She said she wore it in remembrance of her mother who passed away. I didn’t tell her that the same blue butterfly was a sign from Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, for obvious reasons, lol! But for me, it was a sign. Here is her pretty blue butterfly:

So, according to this sign, Robin spent some time on the Blue Island. This all comes down to trusting signs, like I wrote about in a previous post. There’s no point in asking for a sign and then not believing it when you get it in such an unexpected way. This is how loved ones in spirit communicate. I could have easily missed this lady. But we were at the same place, at the same time, for this meeting to occur and for the sign to be given. So, I trust and believe the sign. It’s not surprising Robin would have spent some time on the Blue Island. He knew about it sang about it after all.

Afterlife Communication

One thing I have learned over the years of communicating with  Robin, and other loved ones in spirit is that it is very effective to write a letter or at least write down the sign you ask for. This way, you can refer back to what you requested and you won’t doubt yourself if you don’t remember exactly what you asked for verbally.  It seems loved ones like it when we are very clear and ask for the truth with love and respect. I used all caps because I wanted to be very clear, not because I was screaming, like people do sometimes when writing a comment and making a point 🙂 !


I hope you have enjoyed this example of how I communicate with Robin.

Love and blessings,


The Blue Island

The Blue Island

The Blue Island is a fascinating book, originally published in 1922, about the afterlife communications between William T. Stead, his daughter Estelle Stead and Pardoe Woodman, an expert in automatic writing. William T. Stead was a passenger on the Titanic and passed away.

This is another way in which Blue Island is connected with Robin; Robin, along with his son R.J. composed The Titanic Requiem:


Shortly after his passing, William began communicating with his daughter Estelle through a voice medium.  Then, Pardoe came into the picture. Pardoe was a close friend of Estelle’s who initially became skilled in automatic writing as the result of the death of one of his close friends that he wanted to communicate with. He was able to apply his skills to work with William and was well able to record his experiences in the afterlife. The book is an account of William’s experiences in his new spirit life, on the Blue Island, recorded by Estelle and Pardoe.

There are some interesting things from this book that I would like to share with you and then I will discuss the Bee Gees’ beautiful matching song, Blue Island. The place that the Bee Gees are singing about is the same place William Stead was talking about.

Afterlife Communications

The first thing to know is that the Blue Island is not a permanent place where spirits dwell after passing. It’s a temporary rest stop, so to speak, according to William. This is his account:

I come now to the last days on the Blue Island and the taking up of our residence on the next and far more permanent world. The Blue Island is a transient life; a land for acclimatizing the newcomer, and as soon as he’s fit, he passes from it to what I might term the Real World, inasmuch as each one will be much longer on it than any has yet been on earth.

Stead, W. T.. The Blue Island and Other Spiritualist Writings (Life on Other Worlds Series) (p. 61). Square Circles Publishing. Kindle Edition.

As he states here, it is a place of recovery after crossing over:

Here there was no uncertainty about the impression; it was undoubtedly a blue which predominated. A light shade of a deep blue. I do not mean the people, trees, houses, etc., etc., were all blue; but the general impression was that of a blue land.  I commented upon this to my father—who, by the way, was considerably more active and younger than he was at time of death; we looked more like brothers. I spoke of this impression of blue, and he explained that it was so in a sense. There was a great predominance of blue rays in the light, and that was why it was so wonderful a place for mental recovery.

Stead, W. T.. The Blue Island and Other Spiritualist Writings (Life on Other Worlds Series) (pp. 23-24). Square Circles Publishing. Kindle Edition.

In Chapter 7, The Reality of Thought Communication, William asserts that any afterlife communication we have with a loved one in spirit is really thought communication. Here, he expands upon that:

In concentrating the mind on any one spirit person, you are sending out real, live, active forces. These forces pass through the air in precisely the same way as electric waves do, and they never miss their mark. You concentrate on Mr. A. in the spirit world, and immediately Mr. A. is conscious of a force coming to him. In this land we are much more sensitive than whilst on earth, and when thoughts are directed to us by people on your side, we have a direct call from those currents of thought thus generated, and we are practically always able to come in close contact with the person who is thinking of us…

Afterlife Communications

Anyone who sits for a moment and allows his mind to dwell on some dear one who has “died” will actually draw the spirit of that person to himself. He may be conscious or unconscious of the presence, but the presence is there.  If people on earth realized the result of their thoughts upon those to whom they refer, they would be very much more careful in giving their mind free play.

Stead, W. T.. The Blue Island and Other Spiritualist Writings (Life on Other Worlds Series) (pp. 44-45). Square Circles Publishing. Kindle Edition.

So, it seems that when I was concentrating on Robin, I was drawing his spirit to me without really knowing it back in 2012. However, there may be more to it than that. The spirit also has to feel drawn to the person on earth thinking about him, as is mentioned in this book Angels and Other Beings of Light by Linda Stein-Luthke and Martin F. Luthke (Kindle Locations 753-756):

Each time you think of the one who has departed you call this being back to you. As with all the beings of Light, all you need do is think of a disembodied being of Light, and he or she is drawn to you, whether you wish to consciously acknowledge such or not. These beings will feel free to openly and easily respond to this connection with you, provided they are also feeling drawn to you.

So, both books are saying very similar things. When someone on earth and someone in spirit are drawn to each other, this is the point at which fulfilling afterlife/thought communication could occur. I don’t think it’s just a passing thought that establishes the connection, but concentrated thought, a dwelling on the person in spirit that makes the connection, like William said. As much as I like Donna Summer, I don’t think she’s going to be drawn to me just because I have a passing thought about how much I like her music.

The only thing I would add to what William is saying is that I strongly believe the heart is also involved, not just the mind and thought. It is the element of the heart, or love, which can open the door to this communication. Loving spirits respond well to genuine love and care. I offer this quote to elaborate upon this point:

“I have made no secret of my conviction, not merely that personality persists, but that its continued existence is more entwined with the life of everyday than has been generally imagined; that there is no real breach of continuity between the dead and the living and the methods of inter-communion across what has seemed to be a gulf can be set going in response to the urgent demand of affection…as Diotima told Socrates, love bridges the chasm.”

~Sir Oliver J. Lodge (1851-1940)



Bee Gees: Blue Island

Here, I offer this excerpt to explain the thought and beautiful sentiment behind the song Blue Island:

In August, The Bee Gees announced their intention to play a benefit concert for the children of war-torn Bosnia. “I really am angry that our governments can’t unite in some way and do something to stop this kind of violence when it occurs,” Barry declared. “To stop the conflict that is going on in the former Yugoslavia as well as just be able to stop conflicts that go on all over the world. My greatest fear, personally, is that all of these things are going to start occurring at the same time, and the United Nations is going to become impotent. And, if it isn’t already happening, it’s definitely foreseeable.”


Although the concert didn’t come off, they dedicated a song from their forthcoming album to the children whose young lives were blighted. “At the end of the First World War, there was an enormous amount of spiritualism. This is probably because so many millions of people died in the … war that there was an upheaval of families wanting to contact their lost ones. Now from that came a combined opinion from spiritualists that the other side … what we call heaven … in fact is blue and it’s an island. And from there, for the want of a better word, we’re processed before we move on to our next reality. Good or bad, this is where we all end up. So we [wrote] a song called ‘Blue Island’ and dedicated it for the children of Yugoslavia, because even though they may not survive, the hope is that they, as well as us, are all going to this beautiful place.”

Bilyeu, Melinda; Cook,Hector; Môn Hughes,Andrew. The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb (Kindle Locations 16021-16026; 16026-16031; 16031-16033). Omnibus Press. Kindle Edition.

What Barry is talking about here is exactly what happened to Sir Oliver J. Lodge, a Christian spiritualist. His son Raymond was killed in action in World War I. Sir Oliver communicated with his son in the afterlife and his experiences are documented in his book, Raymond or Life and Death (1916):


I hope you enjoyed taking a deeper look at the Blue Island with me. It enriched my understanding and enjoyment of the Bee Gees’ song after I read more about this heavenly place.

All my best to you,


What If You’re Married?

What If You’re Married?

What do you do if you are already married when your twin soul in spirit comes back to you?

That depends on each individual situation and the people and spirits involved.

When Robin returned to me in 2012, I had already been married for 10 years. I wasn’t looking for a soul mate because I already had mine and I had never heard of twin souls, so that was not of concern to me.

I would say that you have to figure out what’s going on for yourself first before you can try to explain it to your spouse or partner. As I have written, I started having precise synchronicity and dream visits from Robin in 2012, as well as strong feelings that he was soul family. But, at that time, I did not know what to make of it. I didn’t know what was going on.

Afterlife Communication

Additionally, for this situation, there is pretty much no one to talk to about it. Everything I have learned has been through my own research, study and what I have been given personally through afterlife communication. I have never seen a psychic or done a past-life regression because I did not know who I could really trust. At this point, six years later, I don’t feel the need to see a psychic because God and Robin have given me what I need to know. If for some reason I am guided to visit a psychic or do a regression in the future, I will write about it here if anything interesting is revealed.

I shared with my husband Julian what was going on. At first, he was skeptical and rightfully so I would say. He would tell me that Robin was this iconic singer, a part of music history and my childhood, so maybe that’s why I was having these experiences. He thought that maybe his death woke up some dormant feelings from my upbringing in Massachusetts. But, I really did not think that was it at all. Lots of famous actors and singers that I have liked have passed away. I didn’t feel compelled to contact them to say I feel like they’re a member of my soul family.

I kept sharing with Julian that I felt that Robin was a member of my soul family from the spirit world and how my certainty of that wasn’t going away. Then he too began to see the signs of Robin being around, as I wrote about in the Electrical Activity blog post.


As it became clear that Robin and I are twin souls, I explained it to Julian in terms of who we are as spirits. It’s much more of a spiritual connection than a human connection. I mentioned the identical nature of our soul hues of light that I wrote about in the Background section. But what really helped him understand is when I shared all of the life parallels I share with Robin. I think it took seeing all of this for him to accept it. I love him for it too.

It’s not an easy thing for a spouse to accept that the one they love and are married to, has a pre-existing spiritual connection and is now being contacted by that spirit. The best guidance I could give someone about this situation is to first clearly know and understand for yourself what is going on if you are contacted by a twin in spirit. Then, share the truth about what you have experienced and give clear examples. My experience is that the twin in spirit will also help with this by initiating powerful afterlife communication that you cannot doubt. They may also leave evidence around your home as Robin did with the infinity symbols, as one example.

If your partner sees the evidence, and believes, it will be difficult for them deny the connection. Not all spirits are going to do what Robin did, but hopefully, they will come up with their own unique way to provide evidence and give their twin on earth some proof. And if the twin was famous, you need even more proof, not just for your spouse, but for yourself as well.

Afterlife Communication

I also think it’s important to make it extra clear how much you love your spouse or partner and that the twin soul in spirit coming back is not a threat to your love and marriage. That’s what I said to Julian. I feel very strongly that no twin in spirit has the right to break up a pre-existing marriage, especially when the couple is happy and love each other. Robin was married and has children and grand-children, so I too have the right to have my husband and family. Twins that did not meet have other loves, soul mates and connections and that always has to be respected. Robin and I share that mutual respect. I respect his family and he respects mine.

I love my husband with all of my heart. I have known him for over 20 years and he has been here for me through all of the ups and downs of life.  We share a forever love, just as Robin does with his wife and soul mate. Robin and I also love each other forever as spiritual partners. This may sound complicated, but it’s what I have been given in this life.  It may also sound weird, but some things are true whether they’re weird or not :)!


I consider it a blessing in terms of my spiritual growth and progression as I have been given a deeper understanding of spiritual love. After Robin’s passing and the integration of his spiritual energy into my life, I moved outside of the realm of traditional earthly relationships. I became more aware of my multi-dimensional nature and have a greater understanding that love is inclusive, as it is in Spirit. When he came back, I opened my heart and life to him so we could get to know each other again and explore what our connection is about.

Things have worked out well for us over the years after coming to this understanding of the situation. Julian has embraced some of Robin’s style. For example, he has several pair of eyeglasses with blue tinted lenses, just as Robin did. He really likes the glasses that Robin wore, so he decided to get some of his own. In some ways, he’s a lot like Robin in that he’s very sensitive and creative.  Julian’s creativity is with writing and poetry.

About four years ago, I found an article that addresses very well, the situation of twin souls who are in committed relationships with other people. The article that I found at the time was called, Twin Flame Understanding in Indigenous Cultures. Now the article is called, A Twin Flame Relationship-A Sacred Love, by Michael Rice. I share this important excerpt here and bold the parts that are very pertinent for this discussion. I feel that the way he articulated this is spot on in terms of my own experience, so I could relate very well to it. The only difference is that he is talking about two twins that are embodied, not my situation. It still applies though:

Some characteristics of the Reunion are shared by many; such as the initial meeting being wholly unexpected and unanticipated, and in many cases unwanted.  Both Twins may already be in solid committed relationships, many with family and fully established lives.  Both Twins will have evolved independently, to the point of being relatively happy in themselves, and quite sure of their purpose and mission.  Normally, this union tends to be between two relatively evolved souls.  However, when they meet, and recognize each other, a process begins that can challenge and disrupt their lives in ways that neither could have imagined.

Afterlife Communication

Traditionally, when this happened in indigenous cultures, there was an understanding of the phenomenon; and the tribe, village or community would support both families in moving towards the potential – as it was believed to be something that would eventually benefit and elevate everyone

However, in today’s society, there is oftentimes not this level of awareness and compassion, and the Twins movement towards their shared destiny is seen as fundamentally ‘bad’ and destructive.

But it must be remembered that the ultimate reality of this relationship is to explore and express Love in a way that can inspire and guide others to do the same.  The experience invites and offers the Twins a profound opportunity to reach towards and make manifest a Love that knows no bounds or limits; a Love that can carry them and anyone who feels the energy, to a deeper sense of Self Love and desire to serve all of Life.  It involves the generation of a shared destiny that is far greater than either Twin could realize on their own.

The most difficult part of the process can be the desire to integrate the relationship into pre-existing structures.  Many times this is just not possible.  One or both Twins may feel that it is all a bit too much, and collapse or retreat back into their previous lives.  Other times both Twins strive courageously, and with great faith and imagination, to build a life that honors the truth of who they are to their Twin, and their very real existing commitments to their families and communities.  Ultimately, this relationship is borne from Love, and it is elevated by Love.  And as with so much else in the human experience, the level of difficulty and pain experienced and expressed is a perfect reflection of the level of resistance (individual and collective) to what IS, or what is meant to be.

Afterlife Communication

I have chosen to build my life in a way that honors the truth of who I am to Robin as his twin and my very real, existing commitment to my husband Julian. I choose to honor both.

This is my answer to the question, “What if you’re married?”  It’s not the easiest path but one I can honestly say has elevated and benefited all three of us. I had no desire to resist this experience with Robin, but I sought to understand it, learn and grow. Actually, I invited it when I called to him from my soul. Now I’m sharing it with you, for your spiritual benefit.

If you are married and also have a twin in spirit that came back to you, I dedicate this to you. Even if that is not you, I hope you still benefited from this post.

Kind regards,


Communicating with Cards

Communicating with Cards

Something fun I like to do to communicate with Robin is to use different decks of spiritual cards with loving messages. They are not necessarily the traditional tarot cards, but nevertheless informative and enjoyable to use. You may be familiar with cards by Doreen Virtue, for example. The flower therapy oracle card deck is one of my favorites:

Some of Doreen Virtue’s cards are pictured in the image below:

AfterLife Communications

The other night while I was sitting at Robin’s altar, I spoke with him about things going on in my life and then had some quiet time with him drinking tea. I often make him a cup of tea as a love offering to let him know I’m thinking about him.

Then I decided to ask for a message from him using a card deck by Colette Baron-Reid called Postcards from Spirit:

When I ask for a message from God, Robin, or whomever I would like a message from, I always shuffle the cards and then I stop when I get the inner feeling to stop. It’s hard to explain but I get what feels like a dip in my energy and then I know it’s time to stop and pull the card or cards for the message. In this case, the card I pulled when I asked Robin for a message said this:

You don’t have to do it all. You’ve done your part, now let us do ours. You would be awestruck if you knew how many strings were pulled through the matrix to give you what you need and desire…

Afterlife Communications

There’s more to the card, but this is the most important part. Why is that you may ask?

Earlier that same day, I was guided to read this article called Spiritual Ignorance: The Cause of All Disease, by Swami Kriyananda:

I learned about him during my yoga teacher training studies. During my training, I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

According to Wikipedia, Kriyananda was a direct disciple of the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda and the founder of Ananda, a worldwide movement of spiritual intentional communities based on Yogananda’s World Brotherhood Colonies ideal.

As I read, I came across this section of the article. I’m including the whole section because I think someone else may benefit from the wisdom imparted:

God has no favorites

Divine love not only fills the body with harmonious energy and dissolves impurities, it puts us in tune with the great universal flow. When we are in tune with that flow, we have the power of the universe supporting us, giving us strength. Try to rely more on God. You have to do your part but God has no favorites. Anytime you put yourself in His hands and just flow with His great symphony of life, everything seems to work out for the best.

A lovely instance of this occurred when I visited India some years ago. I had written to friends that I was coming to Calcutta. When I didn’t hear from them I naturally wondered if they had received my letter and would be at the airport to meet me. And yet, I thought, “Well I’ve done my part. God will take care of the rest.”

Afterlife Communication

When I arrived at the Calcutta airport, my friends weren’t there, but I didn’t worry about it. I just stood there thinking, “Well, Master, what do you have in mind?” Hardly ten seconds later a man came up to me and asked my name. He said he had seen a photograph of me a few weeks earlier. It turned out he was in Calcutta to visit a dear friend of mine, someone I had hoped to see while in India but whose address I could not find — and he took me to see this friend. I later got together with the friends who were not at the airport to meet me.

So don’t think you have to do everything. Do your best in a common sense way but, above all, try to be in tune with Him and the universal flow will constantly sustain you. The right things will happen for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. The right guidance will come at the right time. The right kinds of foods will be there when you need them. Everything will be there if you cling to God with faith and devotion.

I’m sure you can already see the mirror effect!

Afterlife Communication

When I pulled the card I wrote to you about above, it reminded me that I had read something earlier in the day about doing your part but how you don’t have to do everything, letting God do the rest. Then I remembered that I had read about that in this article. When asking for a message from Robin, I was guided to stop at the one card that matched what I had been reading earlier!

It’s an amazing energy of Oneness tying these two events together. Very often in my life, something that has to do with Robin will be an exact match for something I either said, heard, wrote about, read about or saw during my day. It’s a mirror effect that causes me to feel very close to and united with Robin. It is an effect common to twin souls, but it also happens between any souls that are closely connected spiritually and love each other.

Since I received this same message twice in one day, I know it is also something for me to practice in my life. I asked for a message and I got a very direct message!

Afterlife Communication

This mirror effect has happened before when I used this same card deck very recently, this time in the context of a conversation I had with Robin. I was talking with him about how we are all perfectly flawed and still worthy of love. After that, I asked him for a message and on that occasion, I pulled this card:

Dearest You,

We know everything in the universe is perfect even in its flaws, and we view the creations of Spirit in total awe… Don’t wait until a perfect moment or mood to start something; instead, enter life with all its “flawsomeness.”

So, I was talking with Robin about how we are perfectly flawed and a few moments later, I pull this card that was a mirror reflection of what I just said to him. It’s amazing that out of the 52 cards in that deck I would pull this card that was an exact match for some elements of what I just said out loud to him.


It is beautiful synchronicity. Some invisible force is at work, guiding me to stop shuffling and pull the card that demonstrates I am heard when I ask for a message or engage in conversation with Robin. I know he hears me and knows what I’m doing each day. It’s amazing, this science of synchronicity, that demonstrates the closeness of my beloved twin in Spirit.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you are enjoying yourself.

All my best to you,



Trusting Signs

Trusting Signs

The other day, I was doing research on trusting the signs we receive. I get many signs in my life, not just concerning Robin, but regarding many other areas of my life. I’ll bet you do too!

I came across this link and article called How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Trust the Guidance You Receive by Gabrielle Bernstein. Give it a try. You might like what she has to say:

I am accustomed to inviting God, Jesus, Robin, my guardian angels assigned to me by God, soul family members and ancestors to communicate with me via signs, symbols, synchronicity or any other means at their disposal. That leaves things open-ended each day for a beautiful surprise to come to me.

Afterlife Communication

I read through the above article and enjoyed it enough to read the comments. To my surprise, I found one that so deeply reminded me of Robin that I felt like he was with me. Here is the comment. You’ll see why I felt his presence with me. I placed in bold the important signs:

Hi Gabby,

Thank-you for all you do :).

A few months back I asked the universe for a sign that I was in the right path. The sign that popped into my head was tall poppies :). For 3 weeks I saw nothing – and it was around Remembrance Day Nov 11 ( I am Canadian) and though I saw poppies – in my mind they were not tall poppies and also I felt not really ‘fair’. Then – one day – as I was walking up a street I walk all the time – something compelled me to look over my left shoulder … and look backwards – and there on the front porch of a house was a painting of 50 tall red poppies. Amazing as I had walked passed it many times in the previous month and somehow never noticed it.

I felt so happy and that this was a sign from the universe telling me I was on the right path.

I now feel I need some more ‘specificity ‘ around my path. And am thinking on how to put this out there.

I also believe I am now channeling the beginnings of more abundance in my life.

Any words of guidance welcome.

AM planning to attend may 20 in Toronto and hope to meet you. Heather

I didn’t really feel it was a sign from Robin until I saw May 20 mentioned. Poppies are common after all. But as soon as I saw his passing date and put it all together with the mention of poppies and Remembrance Day, it felt like a mirror image of this website and a clear sign from heaven.

Afterlife Communication

Sometimes signs come in the form of reminders of our loved ones. I honor these when I see them. How often am I going to find 3 things in one comment that remind me of Robin and my work with Paisley and Poppies?  Not all that often would be my guess.

The fact that it was also in the context of trusting the signs you receive adds weight to it. I received this sign while studying how to trust signs. I think it’s pretty amazing that I was guided to this. I believe that many times, we are spiritually guided by unseen forces right into beautiful, unexpected signs.

I do trust this sign of Robin’s presence and shared it with you as an example of what to be on the lookout for with loved ones in spirit you are communicating with. Sometimes, the comments are worth reading!

All my best to you,