Dream Burst of Energy

Dream Burst of Energy

About a month and a half after his death, I had the most incredible and life-changing dream about Robin.

It’s one of the most important dreams of my life. I was not in the dream, but I was viewing what was going on, like looking in from the outside. There was a large, open room, painted cream-colored. There was nothing on the walls or anything else remarkable about this room.

Next, three black stools appear. Then the Bee Gees walk out into the room, Barry first, then Maurice and then Robin. They take a seat on the stools. After this, Robin’s face, from the neck up, appears in front of me, close up. He looks young with long hair, like he did in 1979, around the time he was 30 years old. He looked at me for a few seconds with a slight smile and kind look. The next thing that happened is that he sent me a strong burst of energy that knocked me awake. The burst of energy was so powerful that I was hanging out of bed from the strength of it.

That was the end of the dream. I was pretty disoriented as I had been woken up out of sleep. All I know is I must have fallen back asleep after that because I don’t remember anything else.

The next morning, the memory of the dream came right back to me and I asked Robin, out loud, “Did you send me a burst of energy?” I was perplexed, shocked and amazed. I remember this dream so vividly to this day because of the impact it had on me. He had made clear and undeniable contact with me. He was getting my attention in a very powerful way. His energy felt very strong, a clear sign that he had completely healed from his illness. The fact that he appeared very youthful is also consistent with the literature on afterlife communication.

The type of dream I had is called a visitation dream. In Visitation Dreams of Deceased Loved Ones: Understanding Their Message, Meaning, & Transformative Power, author Preston Ni writes about 8 characteristics of visitation dreams. One is that the dream feels very real, to the extent that even years later, as in my case, the dream feels like it just happened. I can still feel Robin’s energy, the energy I felt in the dream, and I emphasize, the strength of it. He felt super-charged and in turn, it has caused me to feel super-charged and energetic when I think of it.

Ni lists the next characteristic which is that our deceased loved ones often show up in our dreams as vibrant, healthy and young. That is because they are, now that they are back in spirit. Robin looked completely healed in the dream. The fact that he presented himself to me as young and healthy is consistent with the experiences I have shared with him over the years. Only a healthy, youthful spirit could do the things he has done. I will share some of these things with you later.

With this dream, I was given the reassurance that Robin is alive and well in Spirit! It also opened up the door to all kinds of questions about how Robin found out about me and why he would come visit me in my dreams. That is why this is such a spiritually transformative experience for me. It made me realize that there is more to me than the person everyone sees each day. It meant that someone that never knew me could find me and care enough about me to initiate a spiritual awakening with me. He woke me up literally, but also he was telling me to “Wake Up!” meaning, wake up to the truth that life continues after death. And, don’t just read about it. Experience the truth of it by feeling my energy. He also woke me up to the fact that we are connected spiritually in ways I never knew while he was incarnate.

In A Path with Heart: A Guide through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life, Jack Kornfield writes, “Sometimes it takes a shock to awaken us, to connect us with our path.” This life changing spiritual experience was the shock that led me to start asking myself some deep and perplexing questions. I started to wonder if Robin knew me from other lifetimes or perhaps the spirit world. I started to see myself just as much as a spiritual being as a human being, a spiritual being with a pre-existence before I incarnated into this current lifetime.