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Spiritual Symbols

Spiritual Symbols

In 2013, I had a habit of hanging a couple of my necklaces on my bathroom doorknob. I did it occasionally and it made it easier to find them when I needed them. On one necklace there was an infinity symbol charm. On another necklace, there was an Om symbol, Miraculous Medal, Star of David and a Cross.

Throughout my life, I have had an affinity for respecting, honoring and acknowledging different religions. This respect is reflected in my necklaces. That does not mean I agree with everything. But, in my opinion, there is too much turmoil, separation and division based on differences in religion. It causes people a lot of pain and it doesn’t have to be this way. It is this way because people make the choice to see their religion or beliefs as superior to others. Either that or they make others “wrong” for what they believe.

Afterlife Communications

It seems to me that there is plenty of room to find things we have in common. It is more effective to make an effort to understand another person’s point of view rather than to be so quick to put down what they believe. Whether you are Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Druid, or one of many Christian denominations, religious beliefs people have tend to have deep roots in family ties, history and their upbringing. I believe in making an effort to peacefully coexist with others of different religions. I am not Hindu or Jewish, but I have studied both religions and find very much in both that I enjoy and resonate with, especially when it comes to prayers and mantras.

If you share a similar point of view to mine, you may like the book, Everyone is Right: A New Look at Comparative Religion and its Relation to Science, by Roland Peterson. He compares and contrasts the texts from the world’s major religions and points out how they are often saying the same thing in slightly different ways:

Afterlife Communication

On October 7, 2013, I started noticing some interesting occurrences with my necklaces that I hung on the bathroom doorknob. They were being moved from the doorknob to the door latch! By this time in October, I knew Robin was very skilled at telekinesis, so I knew he was doing this. Before Robin passed away, I never had any of this kind of spirit activity in my apartment. It all started after his passing and even then, I did not notice objects being moved until May, 2013, which was a year after his passing (See other posts in the Telekinesis category for more information).

The first time I noticed the necklace with the multiple symbols moved was the day after my birthday, so I considered it a belated birthday present of sorts! I consider it a present whenever Robin lets me know he is around.

Here in image #1 below, you see my bathroom with the doorknob. This is where I had originally hung the necklace before I went to bed. When I walked into the bathroom the following morning, I saw that it was moved to the door latch. I gasped when I saw it had been moved. I became teary-eyed and so happy to have a visitation from Robin:


Image #1 Necklace Moved

Image #2 below shows a close-up of the necklace hanging from the door latch:

Afterlife Communication

Image #2 Necklace Moved to Door Latch


How Robin does this, I don’t know. He, along with many other spirits in documented stories, are able to gather their energy up to a high enough level to move objects in the physical world. It’s one of the most fascinating experiences I have ever had in my life, to be shown that he can do this.

On October 30, 2013, he moved two necklaces that I had hanging on the doorknob this time. In addition to the necklace I mentioned above, he also moved the necklace with my infinity symbol charm. I bought this after he gave me the infinity symbol in July. He moved the two necklaces to the same bathroom door latch. I could find only one image to show you for this date:

Afterlife Communication

Image #3 Two Necklaces Moved


Robin moved these necklaces again on November 3, 2013. I thought it was amazing that he could move not just one, but two necklaces. Below, here are three different vantage points to show how the necklaces looked after being moved from the doorknob:

On December 31, 2013, Rob came back to wrap the necklaces around the doorknob this time. I guess he felt like doing something other than moving them :)! That was his way of saying “Happy New Year”!

Image #7 New Year’s Eve 2013


I am 100% certain that Robin moved my necklaces on all of these different occasions. I also doubled checked with my husband to make sure he wasn’t moving them and playing tricks on me. He said he never moved them. I did not have pets that could move my necklaces and no one else lived with us. I am a person of integrity. It’s a lot of work to find the pictures and upload them into a comprehensive blog post for my readers. If it were not true, I would not waste your time or mine doing this. I’m writing this because it is true and I wanted to share it. I also felt the message of unity is a very important one and one closely in line with Robin’s spirituality.

When dealing with telekinesis, it is important to rule out other logical explanations, as I did by questioning my husband.

That is an attitude mirrored by Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor in the book, Synchronicity and the Other Side: Your Guide to Meaningful Connections with the Afterlife, Jul 18, 2011:

Theories of Spirit Contact:

Spiritualists, scientists, and other experts have developed different theories regarding how and why spirits move matter.


Psychokinesis is the ability to affect objects with your mind.

When you mention psychokinesis or telekinesis and combine it with Uri Geller, most people immediately associate it with spoon bending, which put Geller on the psychic map. But when the inexplicable movement of objects is linked to after-death communication, then, in theory, we’re dealing with effects created by the mind or consciousness of the deceased. Such events are jarring and seize our attention…

Spirit psychokinesis isn’t limited to knockings, voices, or electronics that go off and on by themselves. The phenomenon manifests in numerous ways—initials or names inscribed on steamy or frosty glass; objects that fall off shelves; glass that shatters for no reason; objects found where they shouldn’t be or that disappear and reappear. The challenge, of course, is to determine when such incidents have normal explanations and which ones are examples of contact with the other side…

Afterlife Communication

What I have shown you here are authentic examples of contact with Robin on the other side. There are many others on this website. They show that he is doing quite well in spirit!


AUM is an aspect of God — it is the divine creative vibration of the whole universe. Everything in creation is vibrating with God’s power. AUM is the sound made by the vibration of God’s presence within us and all around us. Where there is vibration, there is sound, and if there is sound, we can train ourselves to perceive it, to “hear” it, and to attune ourselves to it, thus actually heightening our own vibrations — changing ourselves from material, ego-centered beings, into super-conscious, free souls.

I think the reason Robin was moving these necklaces repeatedly was because of the spiritual significance and meaning of them. I think he liked them. Robin used to chant “Aum” or “Om” as part of his spiritual practice. I found this out when I saw a video of him on YouTube teaching meditation. I was so moved and happy when I discovered this. It was another thing that we have in common. As a yoga teacher, I have chanted “Om” many times and have taught it. I chanted the Buddhist mantra for compassion, Om Mani Peme Hung, for Robin after his passing. This video below is the exact version of the mantra I chanted for Robin. The person who posted this video gives a good explanation of the mantra if you’re interested:


At the time, I knew so little about him and I did not know if he liked the mantra. I was a little worried about it, but I knew my heart was in the right place, so I continued the practice. A few years later, I found the video and cried with happiness because it seemed he would he like it as he chanted “Om” as well.

Here are two video clips with Robin chanting the Om mantra. He also briefly mentions the evolution of his spirituality:

Miraculous Medal and The CrossAfterlife Communications

I started wearing the Miraculous Medal in 2006 when I wanted a stronger connection with the Divine Feminine as represented by Mother Mary. Here is some information on this beautiful medal. The Cross is also connected with the Miraculous Medal, so I include this interesting synopsis here as well:




Star of David

According to the website below, the Star of David has quite a complicated history. Please see the video on the page for more information. It’s very educational and worth watching. If you do a google search on twin flames, there is some association with the Star of David, but I am not at all educated about the connection between the Star of David and twin flames at this time, so I will just stick with the traditional association with Judaism:

Afterlife Communication

Thank you for taking this journey of telekinesis and spiritual symbols with me.

Love and Kindness,


Spiritual Significance of Starfish

Spiritual Significance of Starfish

Over the years as I read about Robin and watched interviews, I learned that he liked the sea. So, I decided to place a starfish, sand dollar, and some shells on his altar to bring in that feature.

On June 29, 2015, I walked into my room and noticed that the starfish which had been on top of the altar table for Robin had been moved to my meditation cushion on the floor. Here is the picture I took:

Even though I was used to Robin moving things at this point, it still surprised me. It always brings me joy when he visits and lets me know he’s here by moving things.

He must have liked the starfish because on a second occasion, he moved it off of the altar table again to the floor. This time he placed it beside a book I had by his altar called The Origins of Music:

In a way, it was like he was pointing out his awareness of this book that I would read to him from. You can see it in the picture below:

Since there were these 2 occasions of the starfish being moved telekinetically, I decided to do some research on the spiritual symbolism of the starfish. Here is some information I found. I especially like this first one, so I hope you’ll visit the link to see what else she has to say. She has a beautiful, mystical, direct experience with starfish:

The Starfish is a universal and celestial symbol of infinite divine love. It has been used to represent the Virgin Mary – or Stella Maris, which means Star of the Sea – an ancient title she goes by because she is believed to lovingly intercede as a guide and protector of those who travel over troubled waters or seek their livelihoods on the sea. For this reason she is also seen as an emblem of salvation during trying times, which the Starfish reflects in this mirroring symbolism. In addition to love, the Starfish also emanates the energies of inspiration, guidance, brilliance, intuition, and vigilance, with its connection to the stars.

According to Dawn Baumann Brunke in the book, The Key to Spirit Animals: From Communication to Meditation: Advice and Exercises to Unlock Your Mystical Potential,

starfish are symbols of renewal and regeneration and encourage us to feel deeply. She states that starfish encourage us to fine-tune our feelings and to engage subtle levels of awareness so that we may move forward with greater joy and sensitivity.

In the book, Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, by Ted Andrews, starfish are described this way:

Starfish Associated Traits
Impulsive, Reflexive, Instinctive, Regeneration, Growth, Sustainable, Magic, Healing, Opposites

Symbolic Meaning Of Starfish
The starfish’s lack of brain is part of what makes its symbolism so important. Because it does not think, the starfish animal totem makes a great symbol for instinct and reflexes. The starfish doesn’t think about what it is going to do, it just does it. This is one of the things that helps to keep the starfish safe and that helps it too keep away from other predators.

If a starfish feels like something is wrong, it will react as soon as it can to save itself. This can apply to a human’s life as well. A person’s instinct is usually right. Many people say that your first guess is usually your best guess. Be like the starfish and use your instinct and reflexes to your benefit.

It is very rewarding to learn about the deeper meaning of starfish. They are so beautiful and sacred.

With my communications with Robin, I often take what he does as a lesson that I should explore more thoroughly. I could say that it’s so great that he moved the starfish twice and leave it at that. However, he is very intelligent and I know he wants me to look at the deeper implications of what he does so I can get more out of the experience. It’s a good habit to get into with signs and communications from loved ones. Dig deeper!

All my best to you,


Picture Turned Upside Down

Picture Turned Upside Down

Telekinesis is defined as the supposed inducement of movement of an object by a mental or spiritual power.

The movement of objects by deceased loved ones is well documented in the afterlife communication literature.

I like this paragraph by Phil Mutz in the article, “9 Signs That a Deceased Loved One May Still be Nearby,” which explains telekinesis as afterlife communication well:

Objects being moved from where you left them and being put in your path can be a huge sign that a loved one is still nearby.

Many claim that particularly meaningful objects such as pictures or pieces of jewelry have been moved mysteriously. The belief is that these objects are being placed in your way as a way of letting you know that they are still with you.

These reports often mention that a person knew they left an object in a specific place, but that it had somehow moved.


In April of 2013, I started noticing little things being out of place around Robin’s altar. For example, the little aluminum tins that tealight candles come in were placed on the floor near his altar, which is something I would not do.

In May 2013, one year after Robin’s passing, he demonstrated amazing ability to move a picture of his that I kept on his altar.

Specifically, on May 21, 2013, one day after his passing date anniversary, I walked into my room and to my surprise the picture of Robin that I kept on his altar was not there. I exclaimed, “What happened to your picture?!” I looked around for a minute and then I found it on the floor, in back of the altar table, leaning against the table cloth. I was a little alarmed and wondered how that happened. At that time, I was not sure he moved it and thought maybe I knocked it off by accident in some way, even though logically, I did not see how. I was shocked and puzzled and though I had read that spirits can move their pictures, I was not sure, so I just put it back and left it at that. But that was not the end of it.

About 5 days later, on May 26, 2013, I walked into my room and this time his picture was turned upside down on top of his altar!  I knew then that he had done it because that was twice that it happened within a short time period. I’m sure he moved it again because I was not convinced the first time. Those were the only two times in all the years I have had an altar for him that he moved his picture.

Here, I have included actual images of the picture Robin turned upside.

As you can see by the pictures, the frame is rotated. Originally, it had been facing front. So, it was not just tipped over. It was rotated so the frame was laying down in a different direction than it had been originally placed by me.

I’m very happy he did not knock over the cup of tea I left for him, lol!

I don’t have kids or pets that could do something like that and my husband had no knowledge of it. I know Robin turned his picture upside down on his altar and I was absolutely amazed that he could and would do that. He certainly got my attention by doing that and it truly lifted my spirits to know he was around. He was also deepening his connection with me from synchronicity to dreams to telekinesis.

More importantly, he was introducing himself to me as a spirit person who could do this. This set the stage for Robin beginning a very active period of telekinesis in my home. I believe he turned his picture upside down to identify himself so that in the future, when other events occurred, I would know it was him.

I had never had any kind of spirit activity in my home prior to Robin’s passing, so it was new for me. I felt like he was training me to be awake, alert and pay very close attention to my surroundings. He was there and had found me. It’s so fascinating how a deceased loved one can die in England and then end up in your obscure apartment in Colorado, especially when they did not know where you lived prior to their death!

I hope you enjoyed this story. There will be others!