My Guest Post

My Guest Post

I was recently invited to share a guest post on the website of Andrea Mai. She is the twin soul of Prince Rogers Nelson and a very talented photographer. Here is the post:

I found out about Andrea through my research on twin souls. She does very interesting work with Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Here is a link explaining a little bit about this:

I contacted her through email and exchanged some enlightening stories, both of us sharing our experiences with having a twin soul on the other side.


What really made me relate to Andrea, and trust her enough to share some of my experiences regarding Robin, was this passage from her post,

If there is a twin flame connection between two people, it is made abundantly obvious when one is no longer incarnate. There is no speculation to be made, because the other will be there with you (and their presence announced). And you will know it. You just might not understand it.

This statement of Andrea is 100% true for me in my experience with Robin. He found me in Colorado after he passed away and announced his presence through dreams, synchronicity and telekinesis. This fact is even more powerful given that while he was alive in the physical, he didn’t know I existed.

I could not deny that I had a spiritual connection with Robin, but I was very confused as to what it was for quite some time. I did not understand why I felt he was a member of my soul family. It took years of studying his life for me to see the twin soul parallels that we share. It took me six long years before I was ready to share anything publicly about my twin soul connection with Robin because it took me this long to learn about what really made us twin souls and to truly comprehend the situation.

 You may think that is a long time, but when you are married and already have a busy life, it’s not so easy to figure this out. There is an incredible amount of information and misinformation about twin souls on the internet. Since I knew nothing about this type of connection, I had to study everything from square one. I studied everything from soul families, soul groups, oversouls, twin souls, twin rays, soul mates, primary soul mates and twin flames. There’s a lot out there and often you find writers defining the same connection in completely different ways. If you have studied any of the connections I just listed, you know what I’m talking about.

It is also complicated by the fact of who Robin was and who I am, which is someone very much not in the public eye. I have a small circle of friends and no aspirations to be famous whatsoever. I am a quiet introvert who is very thoughtful about what I do and what I share. But ultimately, I wanted to make a contribution to the literature on this very important, and at times, perplexing topic, and that is why this blog now exists.

This is not about bragging about someone who was famous being my twin soul. I really don’t like the cult of celebrity and celebrity worship. This is about sharing true and legitimate examples of afterlife communication between twin souls. If I continued to be unwilling to share my experiences, important information would be missing in the literature. What Robin can do as a spiriual being is absolutely amazing and I think it is important for people to know what loved ones in Spirit are capable of doing. A body of literature on any given topic exists only because people have done research, completed case studies, and shared findings through their writings. This is what I am doing here on my blog, which may become a book at some later date.

Afterlife Communication

If you have the chance, please stop by Andrea’s site to see my post and what she and Prince have been up to.


All my best to you,


What If You’re Married?

What If You’re Married?

What do you do if you are already married when your twin soul in spirit comes back to you?

That depends on each individual situation and the people and spirits involved.

When Robin returned to me in 2012, I had already been married for 10 years. I wasn’t looking for a soul mate because I already had mine and I had never heard of twin souls, so that was not of concern to me.

I would say that you have to figure out what’s going on for yourself first before you can try to explain it to your spouse or partner. As I have written, I started having precise synchronicity and dream visits from Robin in 2012, as well as strong feelings that he was soul family. But, at that time, I did not know what to make of it. I didn’t know what was going on.

Afterlife Communication

Additionally, for this situation, there is pretty much no one to talk to about it. Everything I have learned has been through my own research, study and what I have been given personally through afterlife communication. I have never seen a psychic or done a past-life regression because I did not know who I could really trust. At this point, six years later, I don’t feel the need to see a psychic because God and Robin have given me what I need to know. If for some reason I am guided to visit a psychic or do a regression in the future, I will write about it here if anything interesting is revealed.

I shared with my husband Julian what was going on. At first, he was skeptical and rightfully so I would say. He would tell me that Robin was this iconic singer, a part of music history and my childhood, so maybe that’s why I was having these experiences. He thought that maybe his death woke up some dormant feelings from my upbringing in Massachusetts. But, I really did not think that was it at all. Lots of famous actors and singers that I have liked have passed away. I didn’t feel compelled to contact them to say I feel like they’re a member of my soul family.

I kept sharing with Julian that I felt that Robin was a member of my soul family from the spirit world and how my certainty of that wasn’t going away. Then he too began to see the signs of Robin being around, as I wrote about in the Electrical Activity blog post.


As it became clear that Robin and I are twin souls, I explained it to Julian in terms of who we are as spirits. It’s much more of a spiritual connection than a human connection. I mentioned the identical nature of our soul hues of light that I wrote about in the Background section. But what really helped him understand is when I shared all of the life parallels I share with Robin. I think it took seeing all of this for him to accept it. I love him for it too.

It’s not an easy thing for a spouse to accept that the one they love and are married to, has a pre-existing spiritual connection and is now being contacted by that spirit. The best guidance I could give someone about this situation is to first clearly know and understand for yourself what is going on if you are contacted by a twin in spirit. Then, share the truth about what you have experienced and give clear examples. My experience is that the twin in spirit will also help with this by initiating powerful afterlife communication that you cannot doubt. They may also leave evidence around your home as Robin did with the infinity symbols, as one example.

If your partner sees the evidence, and believes, it will be difficult for them deny the connection. Not all spirits are going to do what Robin did, but hopefully, they will come up with their own unique way to provide evidence and give their twin on earth some proof. And if the twin was famous, you need even more proof, not just for your spouse, but for yourself as well.

Afterlife Communication

I also think it’s important to make it extra clear how much you love your spouse or partner and that the twin soul in spirit coming back is not a threat to your love and marriage. That’s what I said to Julian. I feel very strongly that no twin in spirit has the right to break up a pre-existing marriage, especially when the couple is happy and love each other. Robin was married and has children and grand-children, so I too have the right to have my husband and family. Twins that did not meet have other loves, soul mates and connections and that always has to be respected. Robin and I share that mutual respect. I respect his family and he respects mine.

I love my husband with all of my heart. I have known him for over 20 years and he has been here for me through all of the ups and downs of life.  We share a forever love, just as Robin does with his wife and soul mate. Robin and I also love each other forever as spiritual partners. This may sound complicated, but it’s what I have been given in this life.  It may also sound weird, but some things are true whether they’re weird or not :)!


I consider it a blessing in terms of my spiritual growth and progression as I have been given a deeper understanding of spiritual love. After Robin’s passing and the integration of his spiritual energy into my life, I moved outside of the realm of traditional earthly relationships. I became more aware of my multi-dimensional nature and have a greater understanding that love is inclusive, as it is in Spirit. When he came back, I opened my heart and life to him so we could get to know each other again and explore what our connection is about.

Things have worked out well for us over the years after coming to this understanding of the situation. Julian has embraced some of Robin’s style. For example, he has several pair of eyeglasses with blue tinted lenses, just as Robin did. He really likes the glasses that Robin wore, so he decided to get some of his own. In some ways, he’s a lot like Robin in that he’s very sensitive and creative.  Julian’s creativity is with writing and poetry.

About four years ago, I found an article that addresses very well, the situation of twin souls who are in committed relationships with other people. The article that I found at the time was called, Twin Flame Understanding in Indigenous Cultures. Now the article is called, A Twin Flame Relationship-A Sacred Love, by Michael Rice. I share this important excerpt here and bold the parts that are very pertinent for this discussion. I feel that the way he articulated this is spot on in terms of my own experience, so I could relate very well to it. The only difference is that he is talking about two twins that are embodied, not my situation. It still applies though:

Some characteristics of the Reunion are shared by many; such as the initial meeting being wholly unexpected and unanticipated, and in many cases unwanted.  Both Twins may already be in solid committed relationships, many with family and fully established lives.  Both Twins will have evolved independently, to the point of being relatively happy in themselves, and quite sure of their purpose and mission.  Normally, this union tends to be between two relatively evolved souls.  However, when they meet, and recognize each other, a process begins that can challenge and disrupt their lives in ways that neither could have imagined.

Afterlife Communication

Traditionally, when this happened in indigenous cultures, there was an understanding of the phenomenon; and the tribe, village or community would support both families in moving towards the potential – as it was believed to be something that would eventually benefit and elevate everyone

However, in today’s society, there is oftentimes not this level of awareness and compassion, and the Twins movement towards their shared destiny is seen as fundamentally ‘bad’ and destructive.

But it must be remembered that the ultimate reality of this relationship is to explore and express Love in a way that can inspire and guide others to do the same.  The experience invites and offers the Twins a profound opportunity to reach towards and make manifest a Love that knows no bounds or limits; a Love that can carry them and anyone who feels the energy, to a deeper sense of Self Love and desire to serve all of Life.  It involves the generation of a shared destiny that is far greater than either Twin could realize on their own.

The most difficult part of the process can be the desire to integrate the relationship into pre-existing structures.  Many times this is just not possible.  One or both Twins may feel that it is all a bit too much, and collapse or retreat back into their previous lives.  Other times both Twins strive courageously, and with great faith and imagination, to build a life that honors the truth of who they are to their Twin, and their very real existing commitments to their families and communities.  Ultimately, this relationship is borne from Love, and it is elevated by Love.  And as with so much else in the human experience, the level of difficulty and pain experienced and expressed is a perfect reflection of the level of resistance (individual and collective) to what IS, or what is meant to be.

Afterlife Communication

I have chosen to build my life in a way that honors the truth of who I am to Robin as his twin and my very real, existing commitment to my husband Julian. I choose to honor both.

This is my answer to the question, “What if you’re married?”  It’s not the easiest path but one I can honestly say has elevated and benefited all three of us. I had no desire to resist this experience with Robin, but I sought to understand it, learn and grow. Actually, I invited it when I called to him from my soul. Now I’m sharing it with you, for your spiritual benefit.

If you are married and also have a twin in spirit that came back to you, I dedicate this to you. Even if that is not you, I hope you still benefited from this post.

Kind regards,


Trusting Signs

Trusting Signs

The other day, I was doing research on trusting the signs we receive. I get many signs in my life, not just concerning Robin, but regarding many other areas of my life. I’ll bet you do too!

I came across this link and article called How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Trust the Guidance You Receive by Gabrielle Bernstein. Give it a try. You might like what she has to say:

I am accustomed to inviting God, Jesus, Robin, my guardian angels assigned to me by God, soul family members and ancestors to communicate with me via signs, symbols, synchronicity or any other means at their disposal. That leaves things open-ended each day for a beautiful surprise to come to me.

Afterlife Communication

I read through the above article and enjoyed it enough to read the comments. To my surprise, I found one that so deeply reminded me of Robin that I felt like he was with me. Here is the comment. You’ll see why I felt his presence with me. I placed in bold the important signs:

Hi Gabby,

Thank-you for all you do :).

A few months back I asked the universe for a sign that I was in the right path. The sign that popped into my head was tall poppies :). For 3 weeks I saw nothing – and it was around Remembrance Day Nov 11 ( I am Canadian) and though I saw poppies – in my mind they were not tall poppies and also I felt not really ‘fair’. Then – one day – as I was walking up a street I walk all the time – something compelled me to look over my left shoulder … and look backwards – and there on the front porch of a house was a painting of 50 tall red poppies. Amazing as I had walked passed it many times in the previous month and somehow never noticed it.

I felt so happy and that this was a sign from the universe telling me I was on the right path.

I now feel I need some more ‘specificity ‘ around my path. And am thinking on how to put this out there.

I also believe I am now channeling the beginnings of more abundance in my life.

Any words of guidance welcome.

AM planning to attend may 20 in Toronto and hope to meet you. Heather

I didn’t really feel it was a sign from Robin until I saw May 20 mentioned. Poppies are common after all. But as soon as I saw his passing date and put it all together with the mention of poppies and Remembrance Day, it felt like a mirror image of this website and a clear sign from heaven.

Afterlife Communication

Sometimes signs come in the form of reminders of our loved ones. I honor these when I see them. How often am I going to find 3 things in one comment that remind me of Robin and my work with Paisley and Poppies?  Not all that often would be my guess.

The fact that it was also in the context of trusting the signs you receive adds weight to it. I received this sign while studying how to trust signs. I think it’s pretty amazing that I was guided to this. I believe that many times, we are spiritually guided by unseen forces right into beautiful, unexpected signs.

I do trust this sign of Robin’s presence and shared it with you as an example of what to be on the lookout for with loved ones in spirit you are communicating with. Sometimes, the comments are worth reading!

All my best to you,


License Plate Communications

License Plate Communications

Today’s post is about how loved ones in spirit communicate with us by using license plates. It has happened with Robin and me on many occasions over the years. It’s fun, shocking and amazing all at the same time.

When I write my posts, I often like to offer additional sources to show that what I am saying has some basis in the afterlife communication literature. For this post, I googled, “deceased loved ones license plates” to see what literature I could find. On the second page of google, I found this website:

The post is called 6 Signs from Your Loved-One in Heaven by Ashley Strong (April 20, 2017). One of the 6 signs she lists includes Billboards, License Plates and Text. I read what she said and the next thing I know, I see the Bee Gees mentioned! Yes, I did cry because while I’m doing research to prepare to write this blog on my license plate communication with Robin, I see his band mentioned. Here is her post:


Spirit easily brings in yo’ face messages this way! It may be a billboard that says “keep going” at the very moment you thought of giving up. It could also be a truck that drives by with a big bluebird posted on the side when you asked to see a bluebird the day before.

Spirit loves to connect with me through license plates. Don’t laugh, I’m serious!

One day (before I was a professional medium) I was having one of those days. Out loud I said –

“Grandma I really really wish I could talk to you today.”

About an hour later I parked my car and happened to glance at the plate in front of me. It read “BEE GEES”, that was my grandma’s favorite band!

Oh, boy! Did the tears start a flowin’!

Well, that was definitely in my face. Wow, maybe I should get a Bee Gees license plate too, lol! That would be a lot of fun. I can’t tell you how much it means to me when Robin’s presence shows up this way. He feels very close right now, as you can imagine. I feel deeply guided in writing this post.

Over the years, I have noticed his initials, “RHG”, on license plates quite often. I have seen a plate with the exact numbers “1222” on it, which is his birth date, December 22. I have seen “ROBYN”, which even though is spelled differently than the spelling of his name, still reminded me of him. Plates with “POPPY” and “POPPI” have shown up on my path, which happily reminded me of our connection with poppies. Within the past few months I have seen a plate, “BGBLUE,” which is important for me because I often comment on how beautiful his blue-tinted eyeglasses were. Blue was also his favorite color. I also saw a plate that said, “BGHOT,” to which I said, “Now you’re just trying to be funny, lol!”

One day a few years ago, I spoke with Robin and said, “I wonder about you. I wonder about where you go and what you do all of the time.” Shortly after this, I went out. Just as I was pulling out of the driveway into traffic, I saw a license plate that said, “I WONDER.” I was so shocked because I had just said that to Robin. How does God time things this way? I may never know. I just surrender to the mystery and allow it to carry me along.

Now, here is one of my favorite communications with license plates.

On January 9, 2014, I wrote this to Robin in my journal:

I was thinking it would be so cool to see a license plate with ROB on it-Any state-the numbers and ROB, like a Colorado plate would be:

XXX-ROB  (the 3 X’s are for any random numbers)

Wouldn’t that be cool! If I ever see that, I know it’s you. Just for fun.

I love and give thanks for you, Robin Gibb.



13 days later, on January 22, I went to walk to the store. While I was waiting to cross the street, I saw the license plate I was hoping for, with some variation. It was:  1 ROB

I knew it was Robin with me. It was a Colorado plate, and it was not typical for only one number to be there. Usually it was 3. This seemed to be a personalized plate. It went by so quickly, I did not have time to take a picture. But I will always remember it. Having it show up with the number 1 was actually better than 3 random numbers that did not mean anything. It symbolized his song and album, One. It symbolized the energy of the higher planes of spirit, which is oneness and unity. It also symbolizes our oneness spiritually as twin souls.

It took almost 2 weeks to show up. It’s a good lesson that the signs we ask for may not show up immediately, but when you least expect it. Any rules that say a sign has to show up within a certain timeframe are erroneous in my opinion. We are not privy to all the ways God works and I would not want to limit God with my human time frames. Events are orchestrated and timed by a power much greater than me. When I stepped out the door that day, I had no idea I would see a car go by with that license plate. If I had left a few minutes earlier or later, I would have missed it. That’s how precise spirit is. Spirit knows what it’s doing.

One other thing I’d like to mention about license plates is that when I lived in Colorado, my plate had 3 numbers and then the letters “OBB”:

As I have contemplated my connection with Robin over the years, I came to feel that our spiritual connection manifested in the plate because my plate ended in 2 “B’s” just as his last name does. I bought my Colorado plates several years prior to Robin’s passing when I had no conscious connection to him whatsoever. It’s a mystery of twin souls who did not know each other, that we are connected this way through dates, places we lived, and even a couple of letters on a license plate. I feel something with this. That’s the whole point. If you feel something in connection with a license plate, then listen to your heart, especially when it concerns a loved one in spirit. They could be trying to get your attention. I think it’s important to not be too quick to dismiss something that could be a valuable communication.

I wish you much enjoyable license plate communication with loved ones in spirit.

All my best to you,


Electrical Activity

Electrical Activity

Since Robin’s passing, I had been placing his name, names of his family members, my family members and friends, and different situations on a prayer list. The prayer is to ask that the Light of the Holy Spirit be sent to them for the highest good of their souls. It was and is my intention to support Robin spiritually on his journey and to send love in Spirit to him, his brothers and parents. The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is the website where I submitted this prayer. I include it here in case you want it and are interested in the teachings:

On July 31, 2012, I went to the above prayer website and typed in Robin’s name and many others that I wanted to pray for. I included his wife since I knew it was their anniversary date. This was also 11 days after the horrible Aurora, CO movie theater shooting that many across the world are familiar with. I lived very close to this theater at that time and I was still shaken by this event that hit so close to home. As a result, I included Aurora to ask that light be sent there too.

Just as I clicked the “send” button to send off my prayer, a series of very interesting events occurred. The electricity on the modem went out, evidenced by a red light showing a disruption in the power supply. I could not send off the prayer as the internet connection was completely lost. All the lights that were on at the time flickered, and the microwave oven that was running at the time, made a strange sound as if it were struggling to work. My husband looked at me and asked, “Are you doing something that has to do with Robin Gibb?” I said, “Yes, I placed his name on a prayer list and I was trying to send it.”

Afterlife Communications

Julian told me later that he thought it was spooky, lol! It may be, but that’s how loved ones in Spirit communicate at times to let us know they are around. I look back now and realize that was quite a jolt of energy. It took a few minutes before the internet was back on line and I could send the prayer. F.Y.I, the weather was clear at the time, no thunderstorms.

I know in my heart that it was the presence of Robin’s spirit letting me know he was around. Things like this never happened before his passing. This occurred after the dreams and synchronicity I mentioned in other posts. I say this to demonstrate that I was already in contact with Robin when this electrical activity occurred:

I think he was saying, “I know what you’re doing and thanks for the prayer.” That was one way of getting my attention and it did! Geez! It was Robin’s anniversary and I had just typed his name, so I accept the presence of his Spirit with me at that time. I accept his presence because of the precise timing of the outage which was the exact moment I clicked the “send” button. Before that, everything was fine electrically, in our home.

There have been other times over the years where Robin has used electrical activity to communicate that he was around. I have experienced, on multiple occasions over the years, the lights in my kitchen flashing 3 times in a row, like Morse code. That’s really fun when he does that. A couple of months ago, I walked into my bathroom and the light came on for me automatically! I thought, “Wow, you’re a gentleman, thank you for that”! I don’t even have to turn on the light for myself sometimes. These are gifts. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but when it does, it’s really amazing!

Afterlife Communications

Lesson: If you decide to be open to communicating with loved ones in Spirit, be ready for some interesting and unexpected things to happen!  If you read through the afterlife communication literature, there are many stories of deceased loved ones manipulating our electrical systems in order to get our attention and to let us know they are around:

The electrical changes do not last long in my experience. Others might have a light bulb completely blown out. One caveat I would like to mention is that it is important to rule out other possible causes of the electrical activity. Then, after careful consideration and ruling out alternative explanations, if someone in Spirit cares enough about you to communicate in that way, I hope you will consider it an honor and a blessing. It’s amazing how connected we really are. Not every flicker of the light is spirit communication. But if a wacky series of occurrences happen on a perfectly sunny day, then you may have something there! You have to use common sense, trust your intuition, know the person in spirit you are communicating with and what they like to do. Some might like to flicker lights, some might like to turn on the television, or play with your iphone. Different talents for different spirits!

All my best to you,



About one hour after I finished posting this entry on Electrical Activity, I decided to do some research on Zen Buddhism. I feel peaceful just thinking about it! I did this research because the night before, I dreamed about a man (don’t know who he was) and I recommended that he buy some cookies. I was talking with him about trying foods from other cultures. He got up to leave after that and then he came back and gave me his business card. His card said “Zen.” I took that as a sign from my higher consciousness to study something about Zen Buddhism. So I did!

The interesting thing is that I found an article about Zen that mirrored the pictures I chose for this blog post. As you can see, there is one with lightning and one of another type of light show. On, the last word in the photo description is sparks:

Now, here comes the mirror reflection in the article about Zen I found. I think this is worth sharing as an update because the timing of me finding this was so close to the time I posted this entry. It is true synchronicity:

A Zen master once proclaimed-

Lightning flashes, sparks fly!
In one blink of the eye,
you have missed seeing.

Lightning flashes, sparks fly is a perfect match with the pictures I chose! It is a beautiful connection with Robin that I share when what I write for him matches other events in my daily life so closely. I also think he wants us to pay attention to this message of staying present in the now moment because in the blink of an eye, you can miss the preciousness of the moment.

Another connection I see is the mention of Hamilton Botanical Gardens “Zen Garden” New Zealand in the above link. It is interesting to me because the only other time I have written an update for one of my posts so far had to do with how I met a woman from New Zealand after writing the post about infinity symbols. So, both times when I have written an update, there is a connection to New Zealand:

For me, this means that my dreams, blog posts, pictures, and Robin are all interconnected. I credit the impeccable timing once again to the perfection of Divine Orchestration of events in my daily life. I am grateful!

RG and BG Mugs

RG and BG Mugs

Some of the most special moments in communicating with deceased loved ones involves occasions in which their initials are presented. It seems that this can happen anytime, anywhere, and not just on car license plates! Be on the lookout!

One day, I decided to take a trip to a local thrift store to see what treasures could be found. At this particular store, music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was often played which made the shopping experience more enjoyable.

I was browsing through a section of mismatched china, mugs and coffee cups when I suddenly heard the song, Emotion, written by Robin and Barry Gibb and sung by Samantha Sang:

As I started feeling nostalgic, I looked up towards the direction the music was coming from. It was the same movement that we make when we lift our heads up to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces. Somehow, that small movement of looking up made me feel more connected to the music and Robin in Spirit.

After experiencing the music more deeply, I placed my attention back on the items in front of me. As I searched through the cups, I noticed two white mugs with black letters. One mug had an “R” on it. The other mug had a “G” on it. I looked up again into the direction that the music was playing and said to myself, “Oh my God!” One of the songs Robin co-wrote was playing at the exact moment I found his initials, “R” and “G” on two separate mugs. But not only that, these mugs were part of a set that matched exactly! When stacking one on top of the other, they fit together perfectly. The font of the black letters was exactly the same. From the perspective of spirit communication with Robin, they were meant to go together.

Afterlife Communication with Robin Gibb

Robin’s altar 2018

I looked up towards the music, down towards the mugs and then up towards the music again, all within the time-frame of about a minute I would guess.

It seemed like time stopped for those seconds as I saw the clear, bold initials of Robin’s name on mugs right in front of me while one of his songs was playing.

Chills went through my body as I placed the mugs in my basket, ready for purchase. By purchasing the mugs, I was honoring what to me was a clear cut sign from Robin, letting me know he was with me, even in the thrift store.

I proceeded to walk around the store in a dazed state of amazement. What are the chances that one of Robin’s songs would be playing at the exact moment I found his initials on matching mugs that stacked together? There were no other mugs around like it. How is it that our loved ones in Spirit know exactly where we will be and when to arrange events, items and songs down to such minute detail? That’s where I believe God comes in, orchestrating it all.

Afterlife Communications with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees

If I had come into the store a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later, I would have missed hearing Emotion playing. I may have still found the mugs and that would have been amazing in and of itself. But finding Robin’s initials on mugs, along with a song of his playing at the same time, was an especially powerful communication that leaves no doubt in my mind that he was connecting with me at that moment. Surprise!

I left the store that day feeling incredibly grateful that Robin’s spirit was able to reach me in such an amazing way. I will never forget it. Now, his R.G. mugs are kept beside his picture as a reminder of the day he really was right there with me.

The day I found the mugs was November 17, 2012. I did not know it at the time, but later found out it was his late mother’s birthday (see my post That added to the strength of the sign for me.

There was another time when initials showed up on mugs in a way that reminded me of Robin in a fun way. On December 12, 2016, I was shopping at Target. As I walked by a display of mugs, I noticed them arranged with “B” on one mug, “G” on the next mug, “B” again in the next mug and “G” again on the next mug:

Shopping trip to Target

I said to Robin, “I get it!” I took a picture because it was fun and because over the years, I asked God to send me reminders of Robin whenever possible.

Since I acknowledge and appreciate when I get a message like that, I often get cute, fun reminders of Robin that make my life beautiful and enjoyable. You can do it too! Show your loved one that you like and appreciate this kind of play, and you are likely to get more!

Lesson:  Initials are a wonderful way for loved ones in spirit to communicate with us. You could even set up a system of communication with them by asking them to send you messages using their initials.

I would suggest giving them the creative freedom to use license plates, signs or other things you may not even think of.

Let them surprise you because that’s part of the fun of afterlife communication. It also makes it easier for them to reach you when they are not boxed in to one way of letting you know they are with you.