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What I write about on this website is from my heart. Some of what is to come is not easy for me to share as it is deeply personal and concerns the spirit of a person who is very beloved and adored amongst millions of people. I share to make my positive contribution and also so that you will truly see the authenticity of my spiritual connection with Robin Gibb.

April and May, 2012: Slowly Waking Up

Something happened to me when Robin Gibb “died.”

In April of 2012, I had a spiritual awakening in which I woke up to his energy. It felt like a timer went off approximately one month prior to his passing. It was like waking up after a long hibernation. Shortly after he passed away, I started talking with his spirit, out loud from my heart, about how I felt he was a member of my soul family. I meant soul family from the spirit world, not the Earth.

I was compelled to do this in a way I could not help myself, even though I was scared. I had never reached out to anyone in spirit like this before, not even to any deceased family or friends. In fact when I did this, I knew absolutely nothing about afterlife communication. I just did what came naturally to me. I did not know whether he could hear me or not and the fact that he responded to me at all was a complete shock. His response to me opened up the door to all kinds of questions as to why he did respond to me, how he found me, how he heard me and how else we would have known each other since we never connected during his most recent lifetime. Here is my story.

Like millions of people, I knew about the Bee Gees and enjoyed their music. I was a child during the 1970’s and can remember Jive Talkin’ playing on the radio as my father drove us to the beach. The music of the Bee Gees was woven into the fabric of our lives. I liked their music as a kid, but I’m aware of the undeserved backlash they suffered during the end of the disco era.

During my teen years, I no longer listened to the Bee Gees very much. During the 80’s other bands and musicians got my attention such as R.E.M, U2, Tears for Fears, and Prince. It wasn’t that I did not like the Bee Gees. They just fell off of my radar. That is how it went for the next few decades, listening to lots of different bands, none of which were the Bee Gees. I had a CD or two of theirs, but never really listened to them and I was not following them in any way. I also never went to a Bee Gees concert in my entire life. So, as you can see, there would be millions of people who are and were much better fans of the Bee Gees than I ever was.

During the month of April, 2012, I had signed off of my email. In the margin where news stories are reported, I saw a news story about Robin and how he had pneumonia. I was very surprised and asked myself why he had pneumonia as I was sure he would have very good health care. Then I read the story, which mentioned he had cancer. After I saw that, I decided I did not want to read any more of the story because I did not want to read anything negative.

A couple of weeks after that, I scroll through my Netflix cue and noticed that we had the documentary on the Bee Gees called, In Our Own Time. It is a very good synopsis of the Bee Gees’ life, beginning in their childhood. A clip from Soundstage Chicago 1975 was shown with the band singing “Nights on Broadway.” I heard Robin sing his lyrics and then I got this very shocked and surprised feeling. I remember thinking to myself, “Oh, that’s the voice I always loved. I didn’t know it was Robin’s voice.” Again, I was a kid in 1975 and the 70’s is the last time I really listened to the Bee Gees on any regular basis because they were always on the radio! So, I did not know whose voice was whose amongst the brothers. I just liked the songs.

Watching this documentary woke up my old, dormant love of the Bee Gee’s music. Since I heard that Robin was ill, I started catching up on over 30 years of music by watching Bee Gees videos on YouTube. I saturated myself with their music and interviews to learn about them not only as musicians, but as people. I finally started listening to my Bee Gees CD’s.

During this time, I had read that Robin had been in a coma as well. I felt a pull in my heart to pray, send light to him and chant for him. I love the practice of chanting to send love and spiritually support others. I did that as I’m sure many others did for Robin. What is unusual is that I never felt the need or desire before to pray or chant for someone in the public eye that I had never met. It was a stronger pull to do so like he was one of my own that I was meant to pray for.

I remember Julian asking me if I had heard anything about Robin and his progress. I said no and as far as I know he is still alive. But then late in the evening on May 20th my husband told me that Robin had passed away. I was so sad that I lay down in my bed and cried.

I learned that his funeral was on June 8, 2012. I decided to have my own ceremony for him in my home, to honor the beauty of his spirit and the music he left for us. I played “How Deep is Your Love,” and read from a book called, Healing into Life and Death, by Stephen Levine. In this book, there is a beautiful reading on funerals that I’m sure many people have found comforting during times of grief.

After his death, I continued having extremely strong feelings that he was one of my own that I had to pray for. So, according to Tibet Buddhist tradition, I began a spiritual practice of chanting for Robin for 49 days the mantra for purification, Om Mani Peme Hung. I learned about this mantra from the book called The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. I created a small altar for him with candles, a small picture and flowers.

You may be wondering how within one month, I would have felt a desire to pray, chant for and create a memorial ceremony of my own for a singer that I never met and had not been following at all. The answer is that I felt that Robin was and is a member of my soul family from the spirit world, not earth. You might say well, many people would feel that way about him as he was a musical legend and icon of our time. I say, yes that is true that Robin and the Bee Gees would feel like family to many people as they created the soundtrack of our lives.

The point I’m making is that within approximately one month of his passing, a portal to the spirit world opened up in my life that had not previously been open. This resulted in afterlife communication pertaining to Robin in the form of incredibly precise synchronicity, dream communication, and later on, telekinesis. Needless to say, this has had a profound impact on me and will do so for the rest of my life. It is not just one sign alone that confirms for me that Robin is a close member of my soul family from the spirit world. It is a series of powerful and very personal communication that has served as confirmation and validation since 2012.

Over time, I came to discover that our connection is not just one of soul family, which would be wonderful and more than enough. It was revealed to me through synchronicity and telekinesis that our connection is that of twin souls at the spiritual level. In May 2012, I knew nothing about twin souls, so I could not have used that terminology to describe what I was feeling. I had been doing research on soul families extensively at the time, not on twin souls. However, if you do a search on soul family, you will immediately see lots of information about twin souls/flames. That is how I learned there was this concept called twin souls.  I will talk about twin souls below and in other categories of this blog.

Afterlife communication

Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE’s)

I would describe what happened to me, concerning Robin, as a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE). Eben Alexander M.D., author of Proof of Heaven defines STE’s as:

 …a transcendent experience inexplicable by materialist science that is associated with characteristic changes in knowledge, behavior, and personality.

A spiritually transformative experience usually happens when a profound event occurs that causes a fundamental shift in world-view. The result is a greatly expanded view of the harmony in nature and recognition of an interconnectedness of all things. The result is a dramatic shift in beliefs, values, priorities and a new appreciation of the purpose of life. There are many ways such an experience can be triggered…

…The aftermath of an STE often results in dramatic permanent and positive transformations in personality. STEs often create difficult challenges for the experiencer until the experience can be completely integrated into one’s life.

There are 13 categories of STE’s, one of which is after-death (or life) communications.


As a result of my communications with Robin, not only have I experienced a fundamental shift in world-view, where I am now fully aware that other unseen dimensions exist, but I have had a fundamental shift in how I see myself. I see myself as a spiritual being that has existed before, who has known people in another time and place other than this lifetime I’m currently in and will continue to live spiritually after my physical body dies. What I have experienced could be considered similar to what people who have near death experiences (NDE’s) feel after they come back, only I did not actually die. I’m experiencing what someone is like (in this case Robin) who has died physically and come back as a spirit. This is a good time to review what afterlife communication is in its various permutations.

What is afterlife communication?

Also known as after-death communication, this is a spiritual experience that occurs when someone is contacted directly and spontaneously by a deceased family member or friend. It is a “direct experience because no intermediary or third party such as a psychic, a medium, or a hypnotist is involved. The deceased relative or friend contacts the living person directly on a one-to-one basis. It is also a spontaneous event because the deceased loved one always initiates the contact by choosing when, where and how he or she will communicate with the living person.


Guggenheim, Bill and Guggenheim, Judy (1995). Hello From Heaven. New York, New York: Bantam Books, p. 16.

As you can see by the definition given, it does not include people and deceased loved ones who never met and were not family members or friends. Therefore, I consider it incomplete. Perhaps the Guggenheims did not encounter anyone who was contacted by someone they had never met and therefore, I understand their definition.

In Conversations with God, Book 3: Embracing the Love of the Universe (Anniv) Dec 8 , 2011 by Neale Donald Walsch, spirit communication is discussed in this same light:

Loved ones are never far from you, never more than a thought away, and will always be there if you need them, ready with counsel or comfort or advice. If there is a high level of stress on your part about a loved one being “okay,” they will send you a sign, a signal, a little “message” that will allow you to know everything’s fine.

You won’t even have to call on them, because souls who loved you in this life are drawn to you, pulled to you, fly to you, the moment they sense the slightest trouble or disturbance in your auric field.

One of their first opportunities, as they learn about the possibilities of their new existence, is to provide aid and comfort to those they love. And you will feel their comforting presence if you are really open to them.

Yes, but what about souls who did not love you in this life? Not only did they not know you, they did not even know that you existed! Based on my experience, there would have to be something else about a person on Earth that would cause a spirit to be drawn or pulled to a person or people that they did not know or love. One of these factors could be what I intuited about Robin: you could have members of your soul family that you never meet or know and who will contact you, relatively quickly after their passing, to re-establish the pre-existing connection and to get to know you again.

This is precisely one of the reasons why I wanted to write about my being contacted by Robin: it opens up the dialogue to expand upon the definition of afterlife communication to include people who never met or communicated with each other in anyway.

In The Good Book: A Guide to Conscious Living (The Gospel of the Kingdom) – Jawara D. King (May 8, 2017) describes spirit communication in a way I can truly understand:

“After what we call death, a soul floats above its body, then returns to its spirit group.  Some souls are met by people still living; the portion of their essence they’ve not taken to Earth. In between lives, discarnates can reach out to the living or come back to Earth in a disembodied state. They can come to you in a dream or give you a vision while meditating. Spirit communication is going on, whether you believe it or not.”

Afterlife communication falls within many different categories and types. What I will be writing about falls within the typical categories of afterlife communication well documented in the literature including dreams, telekinesis, electrical activity and synchronicity.

For an excellent list of Afterlife communication examples, please see:

C.G. Jung developed his thesis of psychic synchronicity and many of us use this term in our everyday language.

Source: Jung, C. G.. Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. (From Vol. 8. of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung) (Jung Extracts) (p. xiii). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

Here is a precise description of synchronicity from the above reference:

Synchronicity designates the parallelism of time and meaning between psychic and psychophysical events, which scientific knowledge so far has been unable to reduce to a common principle. The term explains nothing, it simply formulates the occurrence of meaningful coincidences which, in themselves, are chance happenings, but are so improbable that we must assume them to be based on some kind of principle, or on some property of the empirical world. No reciprocal causal connection can be shown to obtain between parallel events, which is just what gives them their chance character. The only recognizable and demonstrable link between them is a common meaning, or equivalence. (p. 115)

I have experienced so much synchronicity that I created my own definition: The divinely ordered, meaningful, matching, and mirroring of the events of your daily life

Twin Soul Spiritual Connection

How do I know Robin Gibb is my twin soul?

Some reasons are that dreams and synchronistic experiences starting happening to me, out of the blue, shortly after his death. Some of these occurrences, showing our soul family and twin soul connection, are documented on this blog. If you read enough of the posts, you will begin to see a pattern. It is not one occurrence alone that demonstrates a twin soul connection. It shows up as continuous synchronicity, life parallels and paranormal experiences that do not abate no matter how many years go by.

Some authors such as Michael Newton (Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls) do not believe in the concept of twin souls because he did not encounter any mention of it in his afterlife interviews. He also has great problems with different aspects of twin soul (flame) theory, which I can respect. He uses the term primary soul mate instead. I agree that there are problems with the twin flame theory and I don’t agree with all of it. But just because there are problems with the theory does not mean that there is no such thing as twin souls at all. Writings about twin souls come from many cultures so I am not prepared to dismiss the concept entirely, especially given that I am experiencing it.

All I can do is write about what I have been given personally. When I refer to twin souls, I am speaking only about my own personal experience with how the connection with Robin manifested in my life. I will never refer to myself as an expert because I am not. I’m still learning about this and probably will be for the rest of my life as more is revealed to me. There are many different perspectives. I invite you to consider mine as well as others.

Direct Guidance

Because of what I was experiencing, I asked God directly if Robin and I are twin flame soul mates. I was still new to this and this was the language I used at the time. I asked for the absolute truth. The answer I received the next evening, through a synchronistic response to my request for a sign, is that at the core of our spiritual being, Robin and I share nearly identical hues of light which means we are soul mates. I was told we are nearly identical because no two souls are exactly the same. We all each have our own identity. But, they are as close as you can get. Since the soul is light and I was told our hues of light are nearly identical, that is how I came to the conclusion we are twin souls. I was given this message in December, 2012.

If you are interested in learning more about the details of the synchronicity, please check out this book by Michael Dennis called, God’s Many Mansions  (Nov 1, 2011). The sign I asked for to confirm Robin and I are twin souls was the Big Dipper and I found it through this author. At the time I asked for this sign, I was doing research on the soul and came across this article called Some Insight on Soul Sharing And Soul Merging!  by Mike Dennis. As of the time of this writing, I cannot find this article online any longer, so I am referring you to his book where the exact same information is mentioned.

As I read the article, I noticed the mention of “Big Dipper” 2 times. At that point, I felt like I was being given my sign. Here is one excerpt and example:

After walking about a mile, I arrived at my favorite spot. I took the brown beach towel from my backpack, spread it on the ground, and then lay down to stargaze.

Suddenly a strong feeling of melancholy descended upon me. It had happened before but never this intensely. It was as though I wanted to go to one of those stars. I stared at the stars near the Big Dipper for a long time…

But it was not the mention of “Big Dipper” alone that gave me the sign. An aspect of identical light and soul mates was also mentioned in the article (and book). It was like God was addressing multiple aspects of my question in one article. Here, the author is talking about a spiritual encounter with his soul mate:

…Just like you can see a light around me, likewise, a light emanates from you. Each person has a light which extends from his/her physical body. No two are the same. They are different colors depending on the thoughts and feelings the person projects. On my world we recognize people by this color. It is also what draws people together. Your light is almost the exact hue of gold as mine. On Astellva there are over a hundred variations of gold alone. It’s the same with the other colors. We have many colors most of your people have never seen. Some of your artists and ultra- sensitive people are exceptions, and some have painted the soul light above the head, in what you call a halo.

“Like I said your hue is identical to mine. We are soul mates, beloved Michael…

Through this, I learned that what determines whether you are twin souls is your spirit, the light of your being, your vibration, color and patterning that lives on after the physical body dies. The identical hues of energy light, of 2 spirits, is what is meant by “twin flames.”

One last connection back to Robin that I was given through this article was the mention of music and the author’s sensitivity as a singer. He sounds very much like Robin. I think it is beautiful writing so I share the excerpt here:

As you know, some people equally have a natural love for singing. You have always loved music and you have a lovely singing voice I might add. I am aware that you even pursued a singing career at one time. And why would you not? You will always be a singer. As a matter of fact at one point you will become so receptive to the stellar patterns and energies that you will actually hear songs of the stars. You will come into contact with many beings who will give you beautiful songs. I also know that you have written quite a few songs and some are very haunting and beautiful. Let me just say that there is so much to come as your earth saying goes.”

“I admit that I love singing and I do write songs.”

“You will when the time is right. Singing is so natural for you because in earlier times, many ages past, people on your world likewise communicated through song. Through telepathy we taught them many of our songs.”

How could I not see Robin in that? I’ll bet you can see Robin in the excerpt too! I hope you can see why I accepted this as my sign from God. I share this quote to illustrate how I felt:

When coincidences pile up in this way one cannot help being impressed by them—for the greater the number of terms in such a series, or the more unusual its character, the more improbable it becomes.

Source: Jung, C. G.. Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. (From Vol. 8. of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung) (Jung Extracts) (p. 105). Princeton University Press. Kindle Edition.

To summarize, 4 messages showed up in this article that matched and answered my question: Big Dipper, identical hues of light (twin flame), soul mate, and a man that sounds like Robin (singer).

I also consider this an example of my claircognizance because of how the idea to ask for Big Dipper popped into my head and ended up showing up in this article with multiple layers of synchronicity. I received a great deal of additional validation over the years as well, which you can find on this blog. I do not think any of this would have happened if Robin and I weren’t twin souls.


One thing we all have in common is that one day, we will pass away from this life.  If we can face this knowing we will live on with others we love, this will add a beautiful dimension to your life. Jack Kornfield in, A Path with Heart: A Guide through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life puts it well:

To love fully and live well requires us to recognize finally that we do not possess or own anything-our homes, our cars, our loved ones, not even our own body. Spiritual joy and wisdom do not come through possession but rather through our capacity to open, to love more fully, and to move and be free in life.

This is not a lesson to be put off. One great teacher explained it this way: “The trouble with you is that you think you have time.” We don’t know how much time we have. What would it be like to live with the knowledge that this may be our last year, our last week, our last day? In light of this question, we can choose a path with heart.(pg. 16)

That is exactly what I have decided to do by writing this blog. It is a path with heart at its core.

I am in awe at what has transpired in my life and I’m looking forward to sharing my discoveries with you.

Thank you for joining me on my journey. I hope this site enhances yours.

With kindness,

Christina Samuels