I was recently invited to share a guest post on the website of Andrea Mai. She is the twin soul of Prince Rogers Nelson and a very talented photographer. Here is the post:

I found out about Andrea through my research on twin souls. She does very interesting work with Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Here is a link explaining a little bit about this:

I contacted her through email and exchanged some enlightening stories, both of us sharing our experiences with having a twin soul on the other side.


What really made me relate to Andrea, and trust her enough to share some of my experiences regarding Robin, was this passage from her post, http://andreamaicreative.com/twin-flames-life-on-earth-and-life-after-death/:

If there is a twin flame connection between two people, it is made abundantly obvious when one is no longer incarnate. There is no speculation to be made, because the other will be there with you (and their presence announced). And you will know it. You just might not understand it.

This statement of Andrea is 100% true for me in my experience with Robin. He found me in Colorado after he passed away and announced his presence through dreams, synchronicity and telekinesis. This fact is even more powerful given that while he was alive in the physical, he didn’t know I existed.

I could not deny that I had a spiritual connection with Robin, but I was very confused as to what it was for quite some time. I did not understand why I felt he was a member of my soul family. It took years of studying his life for me to see the twin soul parallels that we share. It took me six long years before I was ready to share anything publicly about my twin soul connection with Robin because it took me this long to learn about what really made us twin souls and to truly comprehend the situation.

 You may think that is a long time, but when you are married and already have a busy life, it’s not so easy to figure this out. There is an incredible amount of information and misinformation about twin souls on the internet. Since I knew nothing about this type of connection, I had to study everything from square one. I studied everything from soul families, soul groups, oversouls, twin souls, twin rays, soul mates, primary soul mates and twin flames. There’s a lot out there and often you find writers defining the same connection in completely different ways. If you have studied any of the connections I just listed, you know what I’m talking about.

It is also complicated by the fact of who Robin was and who I am, which is someone very much not in the public eye. I have a small circle of friends and no aspirations to be famous whatsoever. I am a quiet introvert who is very thoughtful about what I do and what I share. But ultimately, I wanted to make a contribution to the literature on this very important, and at times, perplexing topic, and that is why this blog now exists.

This is not about bragging about someone who was famous being my twin soul. I really don’t like the cult of celebrity and celebrity worship. This is about sharing true and legitimate examples of afterlife communication between twin souls. If I continued to be unwilling to share my experiences, important information would be missing in the literature. What Robin can do as a spiriual being is absolutely amazing and I think it is important for people to know what loved ones in Spirit are capable of doing. A body of literature on any given topic exists only because people have done research, completed case studies, and shared findings through their writings. This is what I am doing here on my blog, which may become a book at some later date.

Afterlife Communication

If you have the chance, please stop by Andrea’s site to see my post and what she and Prince have been up to.


All my best to you,