On April 7, 2015, I read this beautiful article about twin souls. (I kept a journal with dates, that’s how I know :). This paragraph in particular resonated with me:

Your Beloveds may even be on the earth plane yet when two personalities come together there can be still some friction even though you know you are true Twin Flames at Soul. So one and the other have to be at the same level of evolvement to truly resonate thus otherwise causing havoc in your emotional bodies so in some ways it is much purer and finer if one is on earth and the other in Soul. For the one in Soul already knows who she or he is in all their Aspects, for all their Aspects make up the One.


And mirror each of the Beloveds aspects who remain on the earth, dimmed, from the memory but are awakening to remember. Thus the Beloved in Soul draws them forward to remembrance. So eventually you regain your sight, your bearings, and you regain your continued centredness and feel more and more complete as your Twin beckons you forward, and in His or Her earthly incarnation that remains in Soul, closer to the earth than the higher vibrations of Soul, He or She can almost walk the earth with Thee.

There is so much about this beautiful writing that I love. I love the part about the one in Soul mirroring the aspects of the twin on earth, dimmed from memory, but awakening to remember. I find this to be true in my case with Robin. We have been mirroring each other since 2012 and I have been slowly awakening to remember Robin and who I am as a spiritual being since his passing.

After I read the part about “purer and finer,” I said to Robin that his vibration has come across as being very pure, fine, loving, gentle, yet still humorous. It was at this time that I said to him his vibration was like fine, spider web gossamer. I saw in my mind’s eye fine threads of gossamer with light shining through it. That was the metaphor that came to me in that moment.

 A couple of days after this on April 9th, I was looking for something to read to Robin. On our bookshelf, filled with lots of books, magazines, CD’s and DVD’s, I found this CD called A Gift of Love Vol. 2 – Oceans Of Ecstasy: Deepak Chopra and Friends Present a Musical Valentine to Tagore. The CD consists of new translations of Rabindranath Tagore’s poems by Deepak Chopra. It came with a beautiful booklet which has all the text of the poems so you can read along. The poems on the CD are read by various celebrities. It is quite a lovely tribute to Tagore:

Rabindranath Tagore (7 May 1861 – 7 August 1941), also known as Rabi Thakur, was a Bengali philosopher, poet, and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913.

This was a CD my husband bought and I was not familiar with it, so I decided to give it a try. First, I read the introduction to gain some knowledge about the CD. Then, I turned to look at the back cover and flipped through a couple of pages at the end of the booklet. It was then, that by browsing through the pages, I came across the synchronicity with my mention of spider web gossamer to Robin a couple of days before. I read the poem Be—A Valentine to Tagore, out loud to Robin. Here is the exact text:

Afterlife Communication

Spells, charms, incantations

There is nothing to say.

The magic of music enfolds intention

Centuries of knowledge

Layers of experience, an entire history

In a few melodies.


Our lifetime is packaged inside us

As imprints triggered by lyric,

Wrapped in words the way a

Spider wraps flies in gossamer.

We are both the spider and the fly

Imprisoned and free in our own web.




I was so shocked and amazed when I came upon those words while reading. I felt in such powerful alignment with Robin. What I had shared with him about how I sensed his energy vibration was now showing up in the poem I was reading to him. This synchronistic mirror reflection gave me the feeling that he heard me and was giving back to me what I said to him. I had been guided specifically to the Tagore CD this day. I felt that the references made to music and lyric was also something he was enjoying. The poem causes me to feel quite introspective about my lifetime and what has transpired. Some of the best poems encourage self-reflection.

Sometimes, I think our past lifetimes or previous spiritual connections are packaged inside us as imprints triggered by lyric. This is true if you believe in reincarnation, which I do. This is what happened to me after hearing Robin’s singing again after many years. Imprints of my previous spiritual connection with him were triggered by his voice (see Background section) and I’ve been on this journey with Robin ever since.

Afterlife Communication

How Deep is Your Love

Since there is a connection between music and gossamer in this poem, I decided do to a Google search to see if there is any connection between gossamer and the Bee Gees. I typed into Google, Bee Gees gossamer. I found a beautiful association with gossamer and How Deep Is Your Love at https://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/artists/barry-gibb-bee-gees-20-best-songs/deep-love-bee-gees/:

Bee Gees—How Deep Is Your  Love (1977) In rock history, ’77 was the year of punk. If so, nobody told the Gibb brothers. Everything the Bee Gees touched was turning to pure gold. Another ballad of bottomless luxury and romance, a smoochy slow dance coasting along on gossamer light harmonies and Barry’s breathy, seductive lead vocal.

For me, the song’s opening harmonies have a particularly beautiful gossamer light quality. It’s even more amazing that three men, three brothers, could actually create this beautiful sound together. Have you seen this alternate version of the video? Here it is below:

Nights on Broadway

I would like to make some additional comments about this poem, “Be.” When I read this:

The magic of music enfolds intention…

Layers of experience, an entire history

In a few melodies.

I think about the chorus for Nights on Broadway (lyrics from Google):

I will wait
Even if it takes forever
I will wait
Even if it takes a lifetime
Somehow I feel inside
You never ever left my side
Make it like it was before
Even if it takes a lifetime, takes a lifetime, ooh


Afterlife Communication

With this chorus, you can sense the intention, the deep feelings and longing for a lost love. You hear the determination to wait, to reunite, to be together again like it used to be, even if it takes a lifetime. The chorus is only a few lines, but just underneath the surface is a long story not told, an entire history in what really is a few melodies. It makes me wonder what happened to the people involved.

Sometimes it really does take a lifetime. It took all of Robin’s lifetime and a great portion of mine for us to finally reconnect. It is a very common theme for twin souls.




Rings Around the Moon

One last Bee Gees song I would like to mention, while continuing the gossamer theme, is Rings Around the Moon. What comes to mind are the light, airy, gossamer rings around the full moon; flying rings of soft, gossamer white light around this heavenly cosmic moon. I feel the deep joy and freedom in that.

Afterlife Communication

This song is in my top 5 of favorite Bee Gees songs. With Robin singing the lead, it is hauntingly beautiful and gorgeous, mystical and deeply meaningful. I get the chills when I listen to it and often tear up. I think it is a musical masterpiece due to the lyrics, the composition and Robin’s voice. He is not just singing. He’s channeling a high frequency spiritual angelic energy. The inner beauty of his spirit flows through his voice. The song is healing and soothing to the soul while also deeply thought provoking and moving. I hope you enjoy it’s ethereal, gossamer-light quality. I consider it a spiritual gift that Robin left for us:

Love and blessings,