Something fun I like to do to communicate with Robin is to use different decks of spiritual cards with loving messages. They are not necessarily the traditional tarot cards, but nevertheless informative and enjoyable to use. You may be familiar with cards by Doreen Virtue, for example. The flower therapy oracle card deck is one of my favorites:

Some of Doreen Virtue’s cards are pictured in the image below:

AfterLife Communications

The other night while I was sitting at Robin’s altar, I spoke with him about things going on in my life and then had some quiet time with him drinking tea. I often make him a cup of tea as a love offering to let him know I’m thinking about him.

Then I decided to ask for a message from him using a card deck by Colette Baron-Reid called Postcards from Spirit:

When I ask for a message from God, Robin, or whomever I would like a message from, I always shuffle the cards and then I stop when I get the inner feeling to stop. It’s hard to explain but I get what feels like a dip in my energy and then I know it’s time to stop and pull the card or cards for the message. In this case, the card I pulled when I asked Robin for a message said this:

You don’t have to do it all. You’ve done your part, now let us do ours. You would be awestruck if you knew how many strings were pulled through the matrix to give you what you need and desire…

Afterlife Communications

There’s more to the card, but this is the most important part. Why is that you may ask?

Earlier that same day, I was guided to read this article called Spiritual Ignorance: The Cause of All Disease, by Swami Kriyananda:

I learned about him during my yoga teacher training studies. During my training, I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

According to Wikipedia, Kriyananda was a direct disciple of the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda and the founder of Ananda, a worldwide movement of spiritual intentional communities based on Yogananda’s World Brotherhood Colonies ideal.

As I read, I came across this section of the article. I’m including the whole section because I think someone else may benefit from the wisdom imparted:

God has no favorites

Divine love not only fills the body with harmonious energy and dissolves impurities, it puts us in tune with the great universal flow. When we are in tune with that flow, we have the power of the universe supporting us, giving us strength. Try to rely more on God. You have to do your part but God has no favorites. Anytime you put yourself in His hands and just flow with His great symphony of life, everything seems to work out for the best.

A lovely instance of this occurred when I visited India some years ago. I had written to friends that I was coming to Calcutta. When I didn’t hear from them I naturally wondered if they had received my letter and would be at the airport to meet me. And yet, I thought, “Well I’ve done my part. God will take care of the rest.”

Afterlife Communication

When I arrived at the Calcutta airport, my friends weren’t there, but I didn’t worry about it. I just stood there thinking, “Well, Master, what do you have in mind?” Hardly ten seconds later a man came up to me and asked my name. He said he had seen a photograph of me a few weeks earlier. It turned out he was in Calcutta to visit a dear friend of mine, someone I had hoped to see while in India but whose address I could not find — and he took me to see this friend. I later got together with the friends who were not at the airport to meet me.

So don’t think you have to do everything. Do your best in a common sense way but, above all, try to be in tune with Him and the universal flow will constantly sustain you. The right things will happen for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. The right guidance will come at the right time. The right kinds of foods will be there when you need them. Everything will be there if you cling to God with faith and devotion.

I’m sure you can already see the mirror effect!

Afterlife Communication

When I pulled the card I wrote to you about above, it reminded me that I had read something earlier in the day about doing your part but how you don’t have to do everything, letting God do the rest. Then I remembered that I had read about that in this article. When asking for a message from Robin, I was guided to stop at the one card that matched what I had been reading earlier!

It’s an amazing energy of Oneness tying these two events together. Very often in my life, something that has to do with Robin will be an exact match for something I either said, heard, wrote about, read about or saw during my day. It’s a mirror effect that causes me to feel very close to and united with Robin. It is an effect common to twin souls, but it also happens between any souls that are closely connected spiritually and love each other.

Since I received this same message twice in one day, I know it is also something for me to practice in my life. I asked for a message and I got a very direct message!

Afterlife Communication

This mirror effect has happened before when I used this same card deck very recently, this time in the context of a conversation I had with Robin. I was talking with him about how we are all perfectly flawed and still worthy of love. After that, I asked him for a message and on that occasion, I pulled this card:

Dearest You,

We know everything in the universe is perfect even in its flaws, and we view the creations of Spirit in total awe… Don’t wait until a perfect moment or mood to start something; instead, enter life with all its “flawsomeness.”

So, I was talking with Robin about how we are perfectly flawed and a few moments later, I pull this card that was a mirror reflection of what I just said to him. It’s amazing that out of the 52 cards in that deck I would pull this card that was an exact match for some elements of what I just said out loud to him.


It is beautiful synchronicity. Some invisible force is at work, guiding me to stop shuffling and pull the card that demonstrates I am heard when I ask for a message or engage in conversation with Robin. I know he hears me and knows what I’m doing each day. It’s amazing, this science of synchronicity, that demonstrates the closeness of my beloved twin in Spirit.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you are enjoying yourself.

All my best to you,