The other day, I was doing research on trusting the signs we receive. I get many signs in my life, not just concerning Robin, but regarding many other areas of my life. I’ll bet you do too!

I came across this link and article called How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Trust the Guidance You Receive by Gabrielle Bernstein. Give it a try. You might like what she has to say:

I am accustomed to inviting God, Jesus, Robin, my guardian angels assigned to me by God, soul family members and ancestors to communicate with me via signs, symbols, synchronicity or any other means at their disposal. That leaves things open-ended each day for a beautiful surprise to come to me.

Afterlife Communication

I read through the above article and enjoyed it enough to read the comments. To my surprise, I found one that so deeply reminded me of Robin that I felt like he was with me. Here is the comment. You’ll see why I felt his presence with me. I placed in bold the important signs:

Hi Gabby,

Thank-you for all you do :).

A few months back I asked the universe for a sign that I was in the right path. The sign that popped into my head was tall poppies :). For 3 weeks I saw nothing – and it was around Remembrance Day Nov 11 ( I am Canadian) and though I saw poppies – in my mind they were not tall poppies and also I felt not really ‘fair’. Then – one day – as I was walking up a street I walk all the time – something compelled me to look over my left shoulder … and look backwards – and there on the front porch of a house was a painting of 50 tall red poppies. Amazing as I had walked passed it many times in the previous month and somehow never noticed it.

I felt so happy and that this was a sign from the universe telling me I was on the right path.

I now feel I need some more ‘specificity ‘ around my path. And am thinking on how to put this out there.

I also believe I am now channeling the beginnings of more abundance in my life.

Any words of guidance welcome.

AM planning to attend may 20 in Toronto and hope to meet you. Heather

I didn’t really feel it was a sign from Robin until I saw May 20 mentioned. Poppies are common after all. But as soon as I saw his passing date and put it all together with the mention of poppies and Remembrance Day, it felt like a mirror image of this website and a clear sign from heaven.

Afterlife Communication

Sometimes signs come in the form of reminders of our loved ones. I honor these when I see them. How often am I going to find 3 things in one comment that remind me of Robin and my work with Paisley and Poppies?  Not all that often would be my guess.

The fact that it was also in the context of trusting the signs you receive adds weight to it. I received this sign while studying how to trust signs. I think it’s pretty amazing that I was guided to this. I believe that many times, we are spiritually guided by unseen forces right into beautiful, unexpected signs.

I do trust this sign of Robin’s presence and shared it with you as an example of what to be on the lookout for with loved ones in spirit you are communicating with. Sometimes, the comments are worth reading!

All my best to you,