When I first began studying afterlife communication, I found out that some loved ones in spirit love to be read to. It feels good to them and it’s a wonderful way to include them in your life and share something from your heart with them. I learned of this through the book, Loving Abby in Truth and Spirit by Stephen Sakellarios (2012). Here, he describes how he reads to his soul mate Abby, who is in spirit, and how it feels to her:

I had been reading aloud to Abby for some time, based on Candace, the psychic, having remarked that Mathew and Abby used to read aloud to each other. (Later I learned that one’s spirit partner loves this activity—as Abby put it in channeling, “If you want to give your astral partner a massage, read aloud to him or her.”) I decided to continue the practice, and Abby seemed to enjoy it, so this particular time I reached for Rumi’s “Masnavi.” (PDF pg. 17)

I think it is beautiful that we can affect our loved ones in spirit this way, just by reading to them and sending loving energy. Since I learned of this, I have often read to Robin material that I thought would be interesting to him. I know he liked to read a lot as a hobby during his life, so my heart told me he would enjoy being read to sometimes.

I love to read books on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). Afterlife communication is similar to a NDE in that both allow for a healing and transformative connection with the afterlife. People who have NDE’s die and come back physically and are transformed by this. People who experience afterlife communication are in direct connection with someone who has completed the death process and has come back in spirit form to love, heal, and educate a receptive person on earth about who they are now and what they are capable of. So, even though I did not die and come back personally, I am experiencing some of the same life-changing insights as someone who has had a NDE.

Afterlife Communications with Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees

While sitting by Robin’s altar on November 3, 2017, I decided to read Transformed by the Light, by Melvin Morse, M.D. (with Paul Perry), 1992. I saw some beautiful stories that I wanted to share with Robin, and I read them out loud to him. I turned some pages and skimmed some more stories. I was just flipping around to different pages. Then I came across a story which I read. It is about an out-of-body experience. Here is the most important excerpt:

“I was able to look down at myself in my hospital bed. There were doctors and nurses moving busily around me…could see them roll a machine into the room and put it near the foot of my bed….”

“A priest came in and began to give me last rites. I moved down to the bottom of the bed and watched everything that was going on. It was like being in the audience at a play.”

“Behind me in the bed was a clock. It was up on the wall. I could see both myself in the bed and the clock, which read 11:11 am.”

“Then I went back into my body. I remember waking up and looking for myself at the foot of the bed.”    –An Arizona woman who nearly died from a reaction to medication

As soon as I read, “11:11 am”, I jumped up to look at my digital clock because I could not see what time it was from where I was reading, and I had actually lost track of time while I was reading. It was 11:11 pm! I was amazed at the precise synchronization of what I was reading with actual physical reality. I was reading about 11:11 am at the exact moment it was 11:11 pm. But, what does it mean?

If you do some research on these numbers, you will see that what these numbers could mean is open to interpretation. I say this based on the fact that I have read a lot of the interpretations! Many of them differ depending on the author. These are numbers commonly associated with twin souls. If you are interested in doing more reading, you can easily find more information by doing an internet search. Here, I choose not to provide links on this because I’m concerned about too much misinformation being given online about the numbers as they concern twin souls. I’m not sure about the accuracy of some of the information online or in books, in terms of where people are getting their interpretations from.

Afterlife Communications

In this case, I tuned into my own soul for the meaning of the numbers for me at that moment. To me, it meant that at that moment, I was in synchronistic alignment with Robin since I was at his altar reading and sharing with him from my book. When I experienced that alignment, I felt a heightened sense of awareness of his presence with me. It felt like a “hello” from him. When I read to him, I know he can hear me. With that synchronicity, I really felt like he could! It really got my attention.

It felt like confirmation that I was on the right track with what I was doing, encouragement and an energy boost. I felt bliss! What are the chances I would be reading about a NDE with Robin, where 11:11am is mentioned at the exact time it is 11:11pm! I felt very much like my activities, footsteps, and choices were being guided by higher loving forces that led me to that moment.

I also felt like I was getting something beautiful back from Robin because I was giving him something: my time, love and attention. If you are serious about communicating with a loved one in spirit on a regular basis, I would definitely recommend setting aside some time with them as often as possible. Just like relationships with people in the material world, connections with people in spirit need to be nurtured and nourished. You get back ten-fold what you put into the connection. Some responses back will be subtle and some will be absolutely mind-blowing! All are worthy or our appreciation.

It may be a good idea to ask yourself what 11:11 means to you personally. Even though other people may have good ideas as to the meaning, it may not match what is going on in your life or in your own soul. Even if you see 11:11 often, it may not mean the same thing each time. It may have to do with what you are doing at a certain time. Sometimes, I think it is a reminder to me of God’s presence with me, which is comforting. At any rate, since I became more aware of these numbers, I feel a nice spiritual connection when I see them.

Wishing you beautiful spiritual connections,