Some of the most special moments in communicating with deceased loved ones involves occasions in which their initials are presented. It seems that this can happen anytime, anywhere, and not just on car license plates! Be on the lookout!

One day, I decided to take a trip to a local thrift store to see what treasures could be found. At this particular store, music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was often played which made the shopping experience more enjoyable.

I was browsing through a section of mismatched china, mugs and coffee cups when I suddenly heard the song, Emotion, written by Robin and Barry Gibb and sung by Samantha Sang:

As I started feeling nostalgic, I looked up towards the direction the music was coming from. It was the same movement that we make when we lift our heads up to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces. Somehow, that small movement of looking up made me feel more connected to the music and Robin in Spirit.

After experiencing the music more deeply, I placed my attention back on the items in front of me. As I searched through the cups, I noticed two white mugs with black letters. One mug had an “R” on it. The other mug had a “G” on it. I looked up again into the direction that the music was playing and said to myself, “Oh my God!” One of the songs Robin co-wrote was playing at the exact moment I found his initials, “R” and “G” on two separate mugs. But not only that, these mugs were part of a set that matched exactly! When stacking one on top of the other, they fit together perfectly. The font of the black letters was exactly the same. From the perspective of spirit communication with Robin, they were meant to go together.

Afterlife Communication with Robin Gibb

Robin’s altar 2018

I looked up towards the music, down towards the mugs and then up towards the music again, all within the time-frame of about a minute I would guess.

It seemed like time stopped for those seconds as I saw the clear, bold initials of Robin’s name on mugs right in front of me while one of his songs was playing.

Chills went through my body as I placed the mugs in my basket, ready for purchase. By purchasing the mugs, I was honoring what to me was a clear cut sign from Robin, letting me know he was with me, even in the thrift store.

I proceeded to walk around the store in a dazed state of amazement. What are the chances that one of Robin’s songs would be playing at the exact moment I found his initials on matching mugs that stacked together? There were no other mugs around like it. How is it that our loved ones in Spirit know exactly where we will be and when to arrange events, items and songs down to such minute detail? That’s where I believe God comes in, orchestrating it all.

Afterlife Communications with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees

If I had come into the store a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later, I would have missed hearing Emotion playing. I may have still found the mugs and that would have been amazing in and of itself. But finding Robin’s initials on mugs, along with a song of his playing at the same time, was an especially powerful communication that leaves no doubt in my mind that he was connecting with me at that moment. Surprise!

I left the store that day feeling incredibly grateful that Robin’s spirit was able to reach me in such an amazing way. I will never forget it. Now, his R.G. mugs are kept beside his picture as a reminder of the day he really was right there with me.

The day I found the mugs was November 17, 2012. I did not know it at the time, but later found out it was his late mother’s birthday (see my post That added to the strength of the sign for me.

There was another time when initials showed up on mugs in a way that reminded me of Robin in a fun way. On December 12, 2016, I was shopping at Target. As I walked by a display of mugs, I noticed them arranged with “B” on one mug, “G” on the next mug, “B” again in the next mug and “G” again on the next mug:

Shopping trip to Target

I said to Robin, “I get it!” I took a picture because it was fun and because over the years, I asked God to send me reminders of Robin whenever possible.

Since I acknowledge and appreciate when I get a message like that, I often get cute, fun reminders of Robin that make my life beautiful and enjoyable. You can do it too! Show your loved one that you like and appreciate this kind of play, and you are likely to get more!

Lesson:  Initials are a wonderful way for loved ones in spirit to communicate with us. You could even set up a system of communication with them by asking them to send you messages using their initials.

I would suggest giving them the creative freedom to use license plates, signs or other things you may not even think of.

Let them surprise you because that’s part of the fun of afterlife communication. It also makes it easier for them to reach you when they are not boxed in to one way of letting you know they are with you.