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As a result of doing a lot of reading and research since 2012, I have noticed many significant life parallels that I share with Robin. I cannot show you birth certificates and other more personal items showing funeral dates, so I hope that you will trust that I am telling the truth, just as I have with all of the other blog posts. I always do my best to provide documentation and pictures, but sometimes that is not possible.

Here are some interesting life parallels I share with Robin. Then, I will review some literature on this topic.

The number 303:

In Dan Millman’s numerology system that I read about in the book, The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, February 8, 1993, I discovered that Robin’s numbers are 30/3. To arrive at this number, you add up the numbers of his birthday, December 22, 1949:

1+2+2+2+1+9+4+9=30  (If you are British, then it would be 2+2+1+2+1+9+4+9 J).

Then you add the 3+0 to get the final number of 3. You then put them together as 30/3. Of course, his twin brother Maurice has the same numbers, but to my surprise, so does Barry! Barry was born on September 1, 1946:


It’s very interesting that the Bee Gees all share the same numbers!

The reason why this is significant is that I lived in Colorado for 11 years where the area code I had was 303.

My husband’s father’s apartment number is 303.

Here is a little about the 30/3 life path number. This is meant to be fun and interesting, but not pigeon-hole a person into a labeled category:

Those on the 30/3 life path are here to work through issues of expression and sensitivity, overcoming self-doubt to express themselves and use their inner gifts to encourage, uplift, and inspire others. Most people come into life to work a mixture of energies, but for 30/3s, their work and destiny are clear and focused. Those working 30/3 have the support of inner gifts, which include highly tuned sensitivity, inner strength, expressiveness and intuition…(pg. 176)

This part also does seem to fit the Bee Gees:

The arena in which 30/3s express may be large, as in performance, teaching, or addressing large groups, or smaller, involving a circle of family and friends. In either case, the challenges and joys of 30/3s arise from expressing their feelings through speech or creative endeavors, such as painting, music, or other media, and from helping others to express their feelings as well. (pg. 176)

The number 17:

Bee Gees’ mom Barbara’s birthday was November 17 according to my source:

Barbara was born in the Bolton district of Manchester on November 17, 1920.

Bilyeu, Melinda; Cook,Hector; Môn Hughes,Andrew. The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb (Kindle Locations 324-325). Omnibus Press. Kindle Edition.

My younger brother’s birthday is November 17.

Robin was 17 years older than me if you subtract birth years: 1966-1949=17

There were 17 years between when Robin married in 1985 and I married in 2002: 2002-1985=17

…Robin and Dwina were married in Wheatley in Hampshire on July 31, 1985…

Bilyeu, Melinda; Cook,Hector; Môn Hughes,Andrew. The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb (Kindle Location 14552). Omnibus Press. Kindle Edition.

The number 5:

Robin was together about the same amount of time with his wife as I was with my husband before we married. I met my husband in 1997 and married in 2002. 2002-1997=5

Robin was together with his wife for nearly five years before marrying according to my source:

After being together for nearly five years, Robin and Dwina were married in Wheatley in Hampshire on July 31, 1985…

Bilyeu, Melinda; Cook,Hector; Môn Hughes,Andrew. The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb (Kindle Location 14552). Omnibus Press. Kindle Edition.

The numbers 35/36:

We were both to turn 36 years old in the years we got married, but we were both still 35 when we got married:

Christina: 2002-1966=36

Robin: 1985-1949=36

September 1:

Robin’s brother Barry was born on September 1, 1946

My older brother’s birthday is September 1.

May 20

May 20, 2012 is Robin’s passing date:

My paternal grandmother’s funeral date was May 20th in the mid 1990’s. I found out when I was going through some of my old papers and found her funeral program that I kept. That was a very emotional moment for me and hit me hard. I felt a strong soul family/twin soul connection with that parallel.

The number 7:

I’m not sure if it means anything, but October 6 (my birthday) and Robin’s birth date (December 22) both add up to 7.

1+0+6 = 7

1+2+2+2 = 7


As I mentioned in my About section, I grew up in the South Shore section of Massachusetts. There are lots of small towns forming the suburbs of Boston. There is a city a little closer to Boston called Braintree that was northwest of the town I grew up in. It was so close to my town where I lived that it was like my backyard.  I went there or through there on a weekly basis while I lived there.

As I got older, I used to take the train (T) into Boston on a regular basis from the Braintree station. Braintree was an important part of my everyday life. It was the closest train station to the town I grew up in. Just think back to the place where you grew up and the surrounding towns and neighborhoods and your connection with them. That’s how I feel when I talk about Braintree.

In, what for me is a very powerful parallel, I discovered that Robin’s former partner Claire was born in Braintree, Essex in England:

Born in Braintree, Essex, in 1975, Claire Yang…

Braintree, Massachusetts is named after BraintreeEssex in England.

Because of the strong connection to Braintree, MA that I mentioned, when I read about where Claire was born, I had a little of what I would call twin soul shock. It is because of these heart-touching parallels, that I came to feel one with Robin on a spiritual level. When the parallels started connecting back to my hometown and my grandmother as I mentioned, this really hit home that we were matching each other even when we did not know each other.

I also wanted to mention that my birth in Massachusetts in 1966 is close to the timing of the release of the Bee Gees’ song Massachusetts, released in 1967:


I mentioned in the About section that I completed all of my requirements for a doctoral degree in psychology except for my dissertation. Nevertheless, I had a topic chosen and I had planned to write about cancer prevention diets and message framing. I wanted to study which type of message framing would be more effective in encouraging people to eat a healthier diet.

While I was in graduate school, I also volunteered to take patients with cancer to their doctor’s appointments for chemotherapy. In 2010, I took care of a close friend in home hospice who had lung cancer. So, now when I reflect on how Robin had cancer, I see how that connection with him is mirrored back in the work I did.

Gold Coast

Robin and I both lived on the Gold Coast for a time, but in different continents!

I lived in Palm Beach County, Florida for about five years. This county is located in the Gold Coast section of Florida.

Robin lived on the Gold Coast during his childhood in Queensland, Australia:

“We got a break when we moved to a place called Surfers’ Paradise, which is [60 miles south of] Brisbane,” Robin recalled. The Gold Coast, a 20 mile coastline filled with hotels and clubs, is the ideal place for any manager looking to find regular bookings for his clients.

Enjoying bright sunshine for nine months of the year, its centre is Surfers’ Paradise; a four mile stretch between the surf beach and the Nerang River. “The three of us played Surfers’ Paradise at the Beachcomber Hotel for six weeks, six shows a night,” Robin continued.

Bilyeu, Melinda; Cook,Hector; Môn Hughes,Andrew. The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb (Kindle Locations 1350-1354). Omnibus Press. Kindle Edition.

Here is some additional information from another source:

…After leaving Brisbane, the Gibb family – father Hugh, mother Barbara, daughter and eldest child Lesley, and sons Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy (the youngest, who found fame as a solo singer) – moved to the Gold Coast, then Sydney, where the boys had their first hit single with Spicks and Specks. In 1967 they returned to the UK, where producer Robert Stigwood guided them to world fame. Through various musical incarnations, they sold more than 220 million records. Barry and Robin wrote almost every song, and in 1997 the group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as “Britain’s first family of harmony”.

Even though we ended up living in Palm Beach County, at one point, my husband and I had looked for an apartment in Miami. Only after studying the Bee Gees in 2012 and later years did I know they had homes in Miami. In 2003, I was living a couple of hours north in Palm Beach County when Maurice passed away in Miami. But at that time, I had no conscious connection to Robin whatsoever.

I have never been to Australia, so on a spiritual level unbeknownst to me, this was the closest I could get to where and how Robin lived in Australia. My soul picked the Gold Coast, but in Florida! When Robin met me after his passing, I was living in Colorado. It seems to be some kind of necessary detour. I can imagine him saying, “What are you doing in Colorado? You’re supposed to be in Florida!” I’m joking, but it does seem like that because after 11 years in Colorado, we moved back to Florida, but to a different part, for family reasons.

Some Literature on Life Parallels

It has been written in many places in the twin soul literature that twin souls often experience matching life circumstances. This is especially important given that twin souls rarely meet and according to some, are not supposed to meet. Since we usually don’t meet, life parallels discovered after the fact truly help twin pairs come to the realization that they were connected all along. On a spiritual level, I believe the life parallels are orchestrated to give evidence of this spiritual connection that was occurring outside of their everyday awareness.

Sal Rachele in the book Life on the Cutting Edge (pg. 126) states that:

Only on rare occasions do twin flames incarnate at the same time and meet in the Earth. If a soul is not sufficiently evolved, such a meeting can be a distraction, rather than a help. It is not unusual for twin flame relationships on Earth to be just as co-dependent and addictive as any other relationship.

In the book Soul Integration (pgs. 85-86) Sal Rachele goes on to say that even if your twin is in the higher realms, like Robin is, the parent part of your soul still may not want twins to be in contact until you have evolved sufficiently enough:

On planet Earth, there are a lot of built-in restrictions to prevent premature contact with twin flames. These conditions are designed to help souls focus on their life purpose and mission. Your soul agreed to these boundaries prior to incarnating here. The most common safeguard is orchestrated by the parent part of your soul. Essentially, your soul agrees to keep you away from open contact with your twin flame until you have evolved sufficiently to be able to handle the emotional ramifications of such contact. Many relatively unevolved souls would drop everything and seek immediate exit from the body if they were given the chance to communicate with their twin flame in the higher realms. At the very least, they would lose interest in continuing on their Earthly path, and might spend every minute of the day pining for their cosmic counterpart.

Here is some other information I found in the literature about twin souls and parallel lives. These are some examples that may or may not apply in all cases:

When you reach out to your twin soul, it’s important to transmit only love, compassion, and encouragement. Raise their energy. Your twin soul is on a parallel path.  Whatever you’re experiencing, they’re experiencing too.

You will find when you do finally connect that you share uncanny parallel life experiences, like meeting your future spouses (who are also alike) at the same age. Perhaps one twin meets their spouse on a certain day and years later, the other twin marries their spouse on that same day. You may have also suffered physical traumas on the same day. Loss of jobs or financial upsets simultaneously…even if you did not yet know each other. Once you do meet, you feel a magnetic pull—despite your brain is pulling you in the opposite direction.

You and your twin may even “add up” in other ways. A twin born on May 6th is an 11–an obvious indication she or he is half of a twin (5+6). The counterpart twin will likely have the last two numbers of his or her birth year add up to 11 as well. For example, the year 1983 (8+3). Let’s say our May twin is born in the year 1980, which is 18 (1+9+8+0). Add the year total (9)to the 11 (or, 1+1=2) from her/his birth month and day, and you get 29 (2+9=11). Her/his twin may be born on a date like April 22nd, an 8 (4+2+2), but if her/his twin is born in 1983, their numbers add up to the same 29 in the same configuration, just in a mirror opposite. Two 29’s simplified are two 11’s; 11:11 is the twin flame metaphor. But in this case, each 11 becomes a 2 (1+1). And when you put that break down into effect, you get 2+2=4 or the reverse of April 22nd. You can’t get a better numerological match! But even if your numbers do not add up to 11:11, or in a continuous loop that leads to each other, it’s likely your numbers will still add up in some way.

It so happens that my numbers are 29/11: 1+0+0+6+1+9+6+6=29/11. That puts me right next to 30/3. I think it is fun to notice that most of all.

I hope you enjoyed this post on twin souls and parallel lives. Thank you for joining me!