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By 2013, I had a well-established spiritual connection with Robin due to the powerful dreams and synchronicity I experienced with him. I wrote to you about how he introduced himself to me by also engaging in telekinesis by moving the picture I had for him on his altar twice. If you have not read it, please see the post “Picture Turned Upside Down” in the Telekinesis section because this was how Robin first presented his skills with telekinesis.

I don’t know how our loved ones in spirit learn this skill of telekinesis, but Robin got progressively better at it. He had a very active period of telekinesis especially in 2013 and 2014. During this time, he created 2 infinity symbols: one single and one double.

Single Infinity Symbol:

During the late evening hours of July 12, 2013, I was in my kitchen cleaning up. (If you are wondering how I know these exact dates, it is because I kept a journal beginning in 2012, documenting communications from Robin. Now, I can look back to see when something happened, in most cases).

I looked at my teapot on the counter and then I noticed a loop on the left side of the handle. I looked at it more closely on both sides and exclaimed, “That’s a figure-eight!” It was made out of my dental floss. I was so surprised and amazed. How did my dental floss end up on my teapot handle, in the shape of an infinity symbol? I knew it was Robin because he had been around since May, 2013, moving different items around his altar and in my apartment. This was a teapot I was using on a nearly daily basis, so he knew it was mine. It was only my husband and me living in our apartment and I’m the only tea drinker. My husband does not drink tea or use the teapot the infinity symbol was left on.

Here are 3 pictures of the infinity symbol Robin left for me on my teapot handle. The second image is my favorite and very mystical. Being given this infinity symbol has meant so much to me spiritually. It is very sacred. This really helped to cement my soul connection with Robin into something eternal. I am sharing this with you to show you how twin souls can communicate across dimensions. I want to share that a person in spirit can do this. Not only can some spirits move things, they can create designs. It is an amazing education to bear witness to the fact that Robin learned to focus his energy enough to create this very exact, commonly-known symbol:

There is a great deal of genius, brilliance and intelligence in this creative, loving action taken by the spirit energy of Robin.  Only a very healthy, well-adjusted, kind, loving spirit would use his consciousness to leave a sign like an infinity symbol, created out of dental floss, on my teapot handle. It needs to be appreciated that it could take quite a bit of energy for a loved one in spirit to do something this creative and thoughtful.

I write this to celebrate and honor Robin’s creativity as a spiritual being. He left me the message in a unique way that he knew I would see it and be able to capture the image in a photograph. Thank you so very much, Beloved Robin.

Sometimes, messages from our loved ones in spirit come very quickly, like with a license plate on a passing car with their name on it. Sometimes, there’s no time to take a picture and all you have is the memory that you saw a sign of them with you for a fleeting moment. But in this case, he made sure I would have a keepsake and reminder of our eternal connection, the beauty of his spirit and what he is now capable of doing to express his feelings.

Double Infinity Symbol:

On April 17, 2014, I walked into my bathroom and turned on the light. On the carpet, I saw another infinity symbol made out of dental floss, but this time, in the form of a double-twist. Robin is very good at finding my dental floss and I’m sure one of the spirit world’s greatest floss artists! Here is the picture below:

Afterlife Communications with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees!

Infinity Symbol Double Twist

Since he left me the single twist on the teapot handle, I knew that this was an additional message to compliment the first one.

Around the time Robin made this double infinity symbol, I was studying the work of Stephen Linsteadt and Maria Elena Boekemeyer. Their book is called The Heart of Health: The Principles of Physical Health and Vitality (2003).

Their work involves a discussion of quantum healing, mobius supercoil DNA, and scalar waves. Unconditional love, thoughts and emotions are discussed in terms of implications for our physical health.

I was drawn to their work because of their discussion of mobius supercoil DNA. After I found the first infinity symbol, I had been drawn to study as much as I could about the figure-eight, not just as a soul mate sign, but other contexts as well.

In the book, there were pictures of what looked like long infinity strands. Here is an example which you can see if you scroll down to ‘mathematical description’ section:

I believe Robin was mirroring what I was studying at the time which is another beautiful way of communicating.

The infinity symbol is well-known as an eternity symbol. It is also a symbol of union and oneness at the soul level. It is the sentiment expressed in the Bee Gees’ song One.

Since Robin spent part of his childhood in Australia and also performed concerts in New Zealand, I would like to present interpretations of the single and double infinity symbol from that part of the world to honor him. The indigenous people of New Zealand are the Maori. Here are the Maori interpretations of the Pikorua or infinity symbol:

Pikorua (Single Twist), as the Maori name this symbol, refers to eternal emerging paths in life. The eight-shaped single twist symbolizes the strength of the bond between two people, their loyalty and friendship… Although people will take different paths in their lives they will always be connected and will return to each other. The twist is a powerful statement of loyalty, friendship, and love.

The Maori twist or Pikorua resembles two intertwined pikopiko ferns. Pikopiko is a pale green new-growth fern frond that thrives in shady, damp areas of the New Zealand woods and Rua is the Maori word for the number two.

The entanglement has no beginning or end which refers to an eternal bond between two autonomous entities. These entities might be two persons. The pikorua symbol shows how individuals sometimes go their own way on their path of life but always come back together because of their strong bond hence the description of pikorua as “The path of love and life”.

The Pikorua symbolizes the strength and beauty of enduring friendship and interwoven lives. It is inspired by the symbols of life and growth.

The single twist Pikorua… recognizes that people can be connected through time and space, and it represents a spiritual connection between two people for time eternal.

Pikorua (Double Twist), is thought to represent the connection between a group of people, rather than just two individuals; for example a family unit or for children or siblings. It may also be symbolic of the connection between people within groups or communities – groups within a tribe for example.

The double twist is also an eternity symbol. It refers to the bond between peoples or cultures rather than individuals. Traditionally, it is given as an offering of friendship between different tribes.

It represents the joining together of two peoples, two cultures for eternity. Even though they experience the highs and lows of life, they remain bonded by friendship and loyalty for life.

Infinity symbols are also a twin soul sign. The infinity symbols Robin left for me served as additional confirmation. With this work he presented, I feel he made it abundantly clear. According to Cassidy Cayne, it is one of the core symbols of twin souls:

Use of symbols in Spirit Communication:

When our loved ones pass away, they (and we on earth) are required to learn a whole new way of communicating. We can no longer sit down face to face with our physical vehicles and talk verbally. The great thing about that is it opens up incredible new avenues of communication that we never would have used otherwise! When you did not know each other, this can create an opportunity for getting to know each other as you can come up with your own symbols and system of communicating. Most importantly, you must believe and trust that this is possible with your loved ones in spirit.

Author David Fontana, Ph.D. takes a Jungian approach to symbols in his book, The Secret Language of Symbols: A Visual Key to Symbols and Their Meanings (1993, 2003). I would like to close with this statement which is a good explanation of why the use of symbols is still important to our loved ones in spirit:


Symbols are profound expressions of human nature and occur in all cultures at all times. From their first appearance in Paleolithic caves, they have accompanied the development of civilization, and in their correct context they still speak powerfully to our intellect, emotions and spirit.


Human communication depends largely on signs in the form of written or spoken words, images or gestures. These symbols are conscious and explicit representations of reality – of objects, actions and concepts in the world around us. But there is another aspect of symbolism that is equally important though less explicit: the side that relates to our inner psychological and spiritual world (italics mine). Within this inner world, a symbol can represent some deep intuitive wisdom that eludes direct expression. (p. 9).

I hope you enjoyed this study of infinity symbols and Robin’s mini floss art gallery!



On May 6th, 5 days after I wrote this post, I met a woman from New Zealand for the first time in my life! I spoke with her about Maori tradition and proper pronunciation of vowels in this culture.

We also spoke about the capital city Wellington and Auckland. She educated me on the differences between Australia and New Zealand. It was so much fun to meet her! For many years, I have been reading about Maori traditions, but had never met anyone from New Zealand to talk about it. She taught me the proper pronunciation of “Maori,” which I had wrong for a long time. It was great to learn. I thank God and Robin for arranging that meeting for me.  I love you!