Electrical Activity

Electrical Activity

Since Robin’s passing, I had been placing his name, names of his family members, my family members and friends, and different situations on a prayer list. The prayer is to ask that the Light of the Holy Spirit be sent to them for the highest good of their souls. It was and is my intention to support Robin spiritually on his journey and to send love in Spirit to him, his brothers and parents. The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness is the website where I submitted this prayer. I include it here in case you want it and are interested in the teachings:

On July 31, 2012, I went to the above prayer website and typed in Robin’s name and many others that I wanted to pray for. I included his wife since I knew it was their anniversary date. This was also 11 days after the horrible Aurora, CO movie theater shooting that many across the world are familiar with. I lived very close to this theater at that time and I was still shaken by this event that hit so close to home. As a result, I included Aurora to ask that light be sent there too.

Just as I clicked the “send” button to send off my prayer, a series of very interesting events occurred. The electricity on the modem went out, evidenced by a red light showing a disruption in the power supply. I could not send off the prayer as the internet connection was completely lost. All the lights that were on at the time flickered, and the microwave oven that was running at the time, made a strange sound as if it were struggling to work. My husband looked at me and asked, “Are you doing something that has to do with Robin Gibb?” I said, “Yes, I placed his name on a prayer list and I was trying to send it.”

Afterlife Communications

Julian told me later that he thought it was spooky, lol! It may be, but that’s how loved ones in Spirit communicate at times to let us know they are around. I look back now and realize that was quite a jolt of energy. It took a few minutes before the internet was back on line and I could send the prayer. F.Y.I, the weather was clear at the time, no thunderstorms.

I know in my heart that it was the presence of Robin’s spirit letting me know he was around. Things like this never happened before his passing. This occurred after the dreams and synchronicity I mentioned in other posts. I say this to demonstrate that I was already in contact with Robin when this electrical activity occurred:

I think he was saying, “I know what you’re doing and thanks for the prayer.” That was one way of getting my attention and it did! Geez! It was Robin’s anniversary and I had just typed his name, so I accept the presence of his Spirit with me at that time. I accept his presence because of the precise timing of the outage which was the exact moment I clicked the “send” button. Before that, everything was fine electrically, in our home.

There have been other times over the years where Robin has used electrical activity to communicate that he was around. I have experienced, on multiple occasions over the years, the lights in my kitchen flashing 3 times in a row, like Morse code. That’s really fun when he does that. A couple of months ago, I walked into my bathroom and the light came on for me automatically! I thought, “Wow, you’re a gentleman, thank you for that”! I don’t even have to turn on the light for myself sometimes. These are gifts. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but when it does, it’s really amazing!

Afterlife Communications

Lesson: If you decide to be open to communicating with loved ones in Spirit, be ready for some interesting and unexpected things to happen!  If you read through the afterlife communication literature, there are many stories of deceased loved ones manipulating our electrical systems in order to get our attention and to let us know they are around:

The electrical changes do not last long in my experience. Others might have a light bulb completely blown out. One caveat I would like to mention is that it is important to rule out other possible causes of the electrical activity. Then, after careful consideration and ruling out alternative explanations, if someone in Spirit cares enough about you to communicate in that way, I hope you will consider it an honor and a blessing. It’s amazing how connected we really are. Not every flicker of the light is spirit communication. But if a wacky series of occurrences happen on a perfectly sunny day, then you may have something there! You have to use common sense, trust your intuition, know the person in spirit you are communicating with and what they like to do. Some might like to flicker lights, some might like to turn on the television, or play with your iphone. Different talents for different spirits!

All my best to you,



About one hour after I finished posting this entry on Electrical Activity, I decided to do some research on Zen Buddhism. I feel peaceful just thinking about it! I did this research because the night before, I dreamed about a man (don’t know who he was) and I recommended that he buy some cookies. I was talking with him about trying foods from other cultures. He got up to leave after that and then he came back and gave me his business card. His card said “Zen.” I took that as a sign from my higher consciousness to study something about Zen Buddhism. So I did!

The interesting thing is that I found an article about Zen that mirrored the pictures I chose for this blog post. As you can see, there is one with lightning and one of another type of light show. On pixabay.com, the last word in the photo description is sparks:

Now, here comes the mirror reflection in the article about Zen I found. I think this is worth sharing as an update because the timing of me finding this was so close to the time I posted this entry. It is true synchronicity:

A Zen master once proclaimed-

Lightning flashes, sparks fly!
In one blink of the eye,
you have missed seeing.

Lightning flashes, sparks fly is a perfect match with the pictures I chose! It is a beautiful connection with Robin that I share when what I write for him matches other events in my daily life so closely. I also think he wants us to pay attention to this message of staying present in the now moment because in the blink of an eye, you can miss the preciousness of the moment.

Another connection I see is the mention of Hamilton Botanical Gardens “Zen Garden” New Zealand in the above link. It is interesting to me because the only other time I have written an update for one of my posts so far had to do with how I met a woman from New Zealand after writing the post about infinity symbols. So, both times when I have written an update, there is a connection to New Zealand:

For me, this means that my dreams, blog posts, pictures, and Robin are all interconnected. I credit the impeccable timing once again to the perfection of Divine Orchestration of events in my daily life. I am grateful!

Hazrat Lesson

Hazrat Lesson

I am often amazed at how my twin soul connection with Robin manifests. Today was one of those days. It is like our connection is being woven together by the Divine through the events of my daily life and his life in spirit. I honestly do not know how this works, this process of interconnection of souls who are in different planes of existence. Nevertheless, it happens with Robin and me on a regular basis. It is something I deeply appreciate and want to celebrate. If it were not for this beautiful handiwork of the Divine, which includes Robin’s spirit, this blog would not exist.

Today, I decided to read (or maybe was guided by unseen hands to read) The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have, by Mark Nepo. I had not read it in years. It is a book of daily meditations on life, including the author’s experience of cancer. One of my yoga teachers from Colorado read to us in class from this book and I liked it so much, I bought it years ago.

I read through many of the selections randomly, just to see what his reflections were on different life events. Then, I decided to see what he wrote on December 22, Robin’s birthday. I connect strongly with Robin’s birth date and over the years pay close attention to messages associated with his date. I think this is because I missed all of his birthdays, so this is my way of connecting with this special day. To my great surprise and shock was this quote (pg. 419):

December 22: The Lesson

God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open. Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan?? I just wrote a blog post on him called The Question and The Answer on May 10th. I was so amazed by this. Sometimes with Robin, I feel like I’m being followed. It’s this sense of us mirroring each other in the most unpredictable of ways.

Yes, I’m certain that I read this passage for December 22nd at sometime in the past, but it was so long ago, I did not remember anything about the passage and I certainly did not remember any mention of Hazrat Inayat Khan. I would say I’ve had this book by Mark Nepo at least 10 years. At the time I got this book, I knew nothing about Hazrat Inayat Khan and did no additional research on him. It’s important to keep in mind that I only recently learned about and studied Hazrat Inayat Khan. I did not know anything about him until a few months ago, while studying twin souls.  I really like this master though, especially his emphasis on the fundamental oneness of all religions:

Now, here he is in this book, connected with Robin’s birth date. This makes me feel a profound connection with Robin and this message. I feel spirit was guiding me to revisit this book at this specific time, given my recent blog post, so that I could see this connection with Robin. This means so much to me. Thank you God and Robin very much for this!

How often do I close my heart against the pain of the world, because it is too much to bear sometimes? What would it take for me to keep my heart open with Divine Love even through the most painful of circumstances? It seems I have to continue to evolve to the point where I am finally able to do that. Life has a way of assisting us all in this because we all encounter deep spiritual challenges.  Mark Nepo puts it this way:

Each time I tried to close up what had been opened. It was a reflex, natural enough. But the lesson was, of course, the other way. The lesson was in never closing again.

That is so much easier said than done. It’s a true spiritual practice to learn to keep the heart open. Breathing into the heart, into whatever pain is there, can help. My intuition tells me that with the open heart, forgiveness and acceptance come more easily. When it closes, those important healing processes are delayed.

I am grateful for the deep reflection on life these authors have offered us. I hope you find something of value in this information as well.

How could I close this post without a matching Bee Gees song? You know the obvious one, about mending a broken heart! Perhaps the heart mends when it stays open. Enjoy!

The Miracle of Robin

The Miracle of Robin

Is it not also a miracle when, having laid aside the physical body, a beloved friend is able to make you aware of his love, even to communicate to you certain facts, proving to you that he lives on beyond death of the body? Surely a miracle? Yes, but it is also a demonstration of spiritual law—not a psychic, but a spiritual law.

From: Jesus Teacher and Healer from White Eagle’s Teaching (1985), Chapter 11, Divine Law Working in Human Life: On Miracles, page 21-22.

Today, I write this post on May 20th, the 6-year anniversary of Robin’s passing. Every year since I reconnected with his spirit, I have considered this a special day of reflection and remembrance of him. I offer you the above quote because this is my exact, direct experience with his spirit since his passing. He has proven to me that he lives on beyond the death of his body. He has made me aware of his love and that Love is who he is. This website is a testament of that proof.

I call this post, “The Miracle of Robin,” because I consider what I have experienced with him all these years a miracle. I consider it a miracle of twin souls that he found me after his passing. I have been blessed with not only the beauty of Robin’s spiritual presence, but have been so blessed to bear witness to what he can do and how he can communicate as a spiritual being. I invite you to read my other posts to see the miraculous nature of Robin’s living spiritual presence. I am so grateful to Robin for this spiritual awakening he has given me and for increasing my awareness of the absolute truth of ongoing life after physical death.

It is so interesting how a loved one in spirit can communicate with one on earth around the time of their passing date anniversary. Years ago, Robin and I established a system of communication using my digital clock. If I happened to look at the clock at 5:20 (symbolizing May 20), then that was a sign of his presence with me. For the past 2 days, I received interesting connections with the time 5:20. On May 18th, I was woken up all of a sudden and when I looked at the clock, it was 5:20am. On May 19th, I was woken up again, but this time it was 5:21am when I looked at the clock. Pretty close! Later that day, without knowing what time it was, I turned on my tablet and it was 5:20pm! All of these little surprises let me know I was spiritually connected with Robin through his anniversary date. Your loved ones in spirit may use the digital clock and get you to look at it when then time matches numbers related to their birth date, passing date or another important date. I use 12:22 on the clock for communication with Robin too, as that symbolizes his birth date, December 22. I always love it when I look at the clock and it matches one of his dates because it’s fun!

Since we are talking about miracles, I thought this would be a good opportunity to present to you the song Miracles Happen by the Bee Gees and the matching book Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. and Amy E. Weiss, M.S.

Miracles Happen is a beautiful song from the Still Waters CD. Here are some of the lyrics from google.com:

It’s gonna take a miracle.
So I go around believing you.
I say good night, stay forever and
Nobody knows how much
I pray for you at night.
And miracles happen,
You know miracles happen.

I liked these particular lyrics because they speak to the power of prayer and how miracles often happen in the lives of people as a result of deep prayer and meditation. Miracles of healing, safety and financial provision can occur as a result of deep faith, trust and believing in a power much greater than ourselves. There comes a time in most of our lives when we need a miracle either for ourselves or someone we love.

Here is a little information about this song from The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb by Melinda Bilyeu, Hector Cook, and Andrew Môn Hughes:

On June 1, The Bee Gees were inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame at a ceremony at the Sheraton Hotel in New York. Later that month, they were asked to write the title song for the remake of the Christmas classic, Miracle On 34th Street. The resulting song, ‘Miracles Happen’, would be left out of the film after the last minute decision to restrict the music to traditional Christmas songs only.”

Oh well, it made a beautiful addition to the Still Waters CD!

The book, Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories, Kindle Edition, by Brian L. Weiss, and Amy E. Weiss (2012) is about how people can heal their physical and mental conditions by accessing past-life memories through past-life regression therapy. The healing that occurs is the miracle. The book is filled with inspirational stories.

Below, I would like to share a few excerpts from this, in my opinion, great book. When I read it, I feel calm and centered. I am reminded of my eternal nature as a spirit. In this excerpt, Dr. Weiss writes about a message from a master. I am sharing this because I think it is important and helpful for many of us on our spiritual path:

You were correct in assuming this is the proper treatment for those in the physical state. You must eradicate the fears from their minds. It is a waste of energy when fear is present. It stifles them from fulfilling what they were sent here to fulfill. . . . Energy . . . everything is energy. So much is wasted. Inside the mountain it is quiet; it is calm at the center. But on the outside is where the trouble lies. Humans can only see the outside. . . . You have to go deep inside. . . . You must get rid of the fear. That will be the greatest weapon you have… “All of the pain is from fear.” Love and understanding dissolve fear.

Weiss, Brian L.. Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories (p. 14). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Next, I would like to share this excerpt of a mountain meditation and associated message that Dr. Weiss learned from his teacher, Jon Kabat-Zinn. I hope it blesses you. If you want, consider it a gift from Robin on his passing anniversary. I know in my heart he would like it if we see ourselves this way:

Picture a beautiful mountain, perhaps with a peak covered in snow. As you look at it, you can see that it has an inner core of constant peace and constant temperature, so that no matter what happens on the outside, the inside remains unchanged. Now imagine that the seasons come and go.

Summer comes with lightning, with storms, with flooding and fires, yet inside the mountain remains completely still, tranquil, and calm. The summer becomes fall, with howling winds and leaves falling off the trees; then winter arrives with snows and freezing temperatures; and this too turns to spring, as the snows melt and avalanches occur. Yet the inner core, the beautiful space deep within the mountain, is unaffected by any of these changing seasons.

We are like the mountain. We do not have to let outside events rob us of our joy and harmony, no matter how strongly the storms rage, no matter how loudly the winds howl. We all have that inner core of calm and quiet. It is there whenever we want or need it. By going inward, we can access its powerful healing presence. The mountain, inside, is perfect—and so are we.

Envision, now, that tourists come to the mountain. They arrive by train, airplane, car, boat, and other ways. And they all have opinions: This mountain is not as beautiful as one that I have seen elsewhere. It is too small, or too tall, or too narrow, or too wide. But the mountain does not care, because it knows that it is the ideal essence of mountain.

We, once again, are like that mountain. No matter what people say about us, no matter what criticisms or judgments they may offer up and call mirrors, we are already ideal and divine. We do not have to be affected by their opinions, even those of people who are close to us, such as our family, our bosses, or our loved ones. In that sense, we are solid and grounded in the earth like the mountain. We know, deep within our hearts, that we are the perfect essence of a spiritual being. The words of others cannot rob us of our inner peace and joy unless we give them the power to do so.

Weiss, Brian L.. Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories (pp. 14-15). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

I do my best to bring you good spiritual information that is valuable. I do this to honor Robin, and since I am connected to him as twin souls, I want to do my absolute best. I also do this to honor you as my reader so that by the time you are done reading, you feel it was worthwhile to stop by. God bless you! I hope you have time to reflect on the miracles showing up in your own life today!

My message to Robin: I love and thank you with deep appreciation for all you have taught me and shown me since 2012. I’m so happy you found me. You changed my life for the better. I’ll always be a part of you and you will always be a part of me. I look forward to seeing what else you have to teach me. I thank God for you and that our bond is Eternal.


11:11 Synchronicity

11:11 Synchronicity

When I first began studying afterlife communication, I found out that some loved ones in spirit love to be read to. It feels good to them and it’s a wonderful way to include them in your life and share something from your heart with them. I learned of this through the book, Loving Abby in Truth and Spirit by Stephen Sakellarios (2012). Here, he describes how he reads to his soul mate Abby, who is in spirit, and how it feels to her:

I had been reading aloud to Abby for some time, based on Candace, the psychic, having remarked that Mathew and Abby used to read aloud to each other. (Later I learned that one’s spirit partner loves this activity—as Abby put it in channeling, “If you want to give your astral partner a massage, read aloud to him or her.”) I decided to continue the practice, and Abby seemed to enjoy it, so this particular time I reached for Rumi’s “Masnavi.” (PDF pg. 17)

I think it is beautiful that we can affect our loved ones in spirit this way, just by reading to them and sending loving energy. Since I learned of this, I have often read to Robin material that I thought would be interesting to him. I know he liked to read a lot as a hobby during his life, so my heart told me he would enjoy being read to sometimes.

I love to read books on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). Afterlife communication is similar to a NDE in that both allow for a healing and transformative connection with the afterlife. People who have NDE’s die and come back physically and are transformed by this. People who experience afterlife communication are in direct connection with someone who has completed the death process and has come back in spirit form to love, heal, and educate a receptive person on earth about who they are now and what they are capable of. So, even though I did not die and come back personally, I am experiencing some of the same life-changing insights as someone who has had a NDE.

Afterlife Communications with Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees

While sitting by Robin’s altar on November 3, 2017, I decided to read Transformed by the Light, by Melvin Morse, M.D. (with Paul Perry), 1992. I saw some beautiful stories that I wanted to share with Robin, and I read them out loud to him. I turned some pages and skimmed some more stories. I was just flipping around to different pages. Then I came across a story which I read. It is about an out-of-body experience. Here is the most important excerpt:

“I was able to look down at myself in my hospital bed. There were doctors and nurses moving busily around me…could see them roll a machine into the room and put it near the foot of my bed….”

“A priest came in and began to give me last rites. I moved down to the bottom of the bed and watched everything that was going on. It was like being in the audience at a play.”

“Behind me in the bed was a clock. It was up on the wall. I could see both myself in the bed and the clock, which read 11:11 am.”

“Then I went back into my body. I remember waking up and looking for myself at the foot of the bed.”    –An Arizona woman who nearly died from a reaction to medication

As soon as I read, “11:11 am”, I jumped up to look at my digital clock because I could not see what time it was from where I was reading, and I had actually lost track of time while I was reading. It was 11:11 pm! I was amazed at the precise synchronization of what I was reading with actual physical reality. I was reading about 11:11 am at the exact moment it was 11:11 pm. But, what does it mean?

If you do some research on these numbers, you will see that what these numbers could mean is open to interpretation. I say this based on the fact that I have read a lot of the interpretations! Many of them differ depending on the author. These are numbers commonly associated with twin souls. If you are interested in doing more reading, you can easily find more information by doing an internet search. Here, I choose not to provide links on this because I’m concerned about too much misinformation being given online about the numbers as they concern twin souls. I’m not sure about the accuracy of some of the information online or in books, in terms of where people are getting their interpretations from.

Afterlife Communications

In this case, I tuned into my own soul for the meaning of the numbers for me at that moment. To me, it meant that at that moment, I was in synchronistic alignment with Robin since I was at his altar reading and sharing with him from my book. When I experienced that alignment, I felt a heightened sense of awareness of his presence with me. It felt like a “hello” from him. When I read to him, I know he can hear me. With that synchronicity, I really felt like he could! It really got my attention.

It felt like confirmation that I was on the right track with what I was doing, encouragement and an energy boost. I felt bliss! What are the chances I would be reading about a NDE with Robin, where 11:11am is mentioned at the exact time it is 11:11pm! I felt very much like my activities, footsteps, and choices were being guided by higher loving forces that led me to that moment.

I also felt like I was getting something beautiful back from Robin because I was giving him something: my time, love and attention. If you are serious about communicating with a loved one in spirit on a regular basis, I would definitely recommend setting aside some time with them as often as possible. Just like relationships with people in the material world, connections with people in spirit need to be nurtured and nourished. You get back ten-fold what you put into the connection. Some responses back will be subtle and some will be absolutely mind-blowing! All are worthy or our appreciation.

It may be a good idea to ask yourself what 11:11 means to you personally. Even though other people may have good ideas as to the meaning, it may not match what is going on in your life or in your own soul. Even if you see 11:11 often, it may not mean the same thing each time. It may have to do with what you are doing at a certain time. Sometimes, I think it is a reminder to me of God’s presence with me, which is comforting. At any rate, since I became more aware of these numbers, I feel a nice spiritual connection when I see them.

Wishing you beautiful spiritual connections,


RG and BG Mugs

RG and BG Mugs

Some of the most special moments in communicating with deceased loved ones involves occasions in which their initials are presented. It seems that this can happen anytime, anywhere, and not just on car license plates! Be on the lookout!

One day, I decided to take a trip to a local thrift store to see what treasures could be found. At this particular store, music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was often played which made the shopping experience more enjoyable.

I was browsing through a section of mismatched china, mugs and coffee cups when I suddenly heard the song, Emotion, written by Robin and Barry Gibb and sung by Samantha Sang:

As I started feeling nostalgic, I looked up towards the direction the music was coming from. It was the same movement that we make when we lift our heads up to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces. Somehow, that small movement of looking up made me feel more connected to the music and Robin in Spirit.

After experiencing the music more deeply, I placed my attention back on the items in front of me. As I searched through the cups, I noticed two white mugs with black letters. One mug had an “R” on it. The other mug had a “G” on it. I looked up again into the direction that the music was playing and said to myself, “Oh my God!” One of the songs Robin co-wrote was playing at the exact moment I found his initials, “R” and “G” on two separate mugs. But not only that, these mugs were part of a set that matched exactly! When stacking one on top of the other, they fit together perfectly. The font of the black letters was exactly the same. From the perspective of spirit communication with Robin, they were meant to go together.

Afterlife Communication with Robin Gibb

Robin’s altar 2018

I looked up towards the music, down towards the mugs and then up towards the music again, all within the time-frame of about a minute I would guess.

It seemed like time stopped for those seconds as I saw the clear, bold initials of Robin’s name on mugs right in front of me while one of his songs was playing.

Chills went through my body as I placed the mugs in my basket, ready for purchase. By purchasing the mugs, I was honoring what to me was a clear cut sign from Robin, letting me know he was with me, even in the thrift store.

I proceeded to walk around the store in a dazed state of amazement. What are the chances that one of Robin’s songs would be playing at the exact moment I found his initials on matching mugs that stacked together? There were no other mugs around like it. How is it that our loved ones in Spirit know exactly where we will be and when to arrange events, items and songs down to such minute detail? That’s where I believe God comes in, orchestrating it all.

Afterlife Communications with Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees

If I had come into the store a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later, I would have missed hearing Emotion playing. I may have still found the mugs and that would have been amazing in and of itself. But finding Robin’s initials on mugs, along with a song of his playing at the same time, was an especially powerful communication that leaves no doubt in my mind that he was connecting with me at that moment. Surprise!

I left the store that day feeling incredibly grateful that Robin’s spirit was able to reach me in such an amazing way. I will never forget it. Now, his R.G. mugs are kept beside his picture as a reminder of the day he really was right there with me.

The day I found the mugs was November 17, 2012. I did not know it at the time, but later found out it was his late mother’s birthday (see my post http://paisleyandpoppies.net/2018/05/05/life-parallels/). That added to the strength of the sign for me.

There was another time when initials showed up on mugs in a way that reminded me of Robin in a fun way. On December 12, 2016, I was shopping at Target. As I walked by a display of mugs, I noticed them arranged with “B” on one mug, “G” on the next mug, “B” again in the next mug and “G” again on the next mug:

Shopping trip to Target

I said to Robin, “I get it!” I took a picture because it was fun and because over the years, I asked God to send me reminders of Robin whenever possible.

Since I acknowledge and appreciate when I get a message like that, I often get cute, fun reminders of Robin that make my life beautiful and enjoyable. You can do it too! Show your loved one that you like and appreciate this kind of play, and you are likely to get more!

Lesson:  Initials are a wonderful way for loved ones in spirit to communicate with us. You could even set up a system of communication with them by asking them to send you messages using their initials.

I would suggest giving them the creative freedom to use license plates, signs or other things you may not even think of.

Let them surprise you because that’s part of the fun of afterlife communication. It also makes it easier for them to reach you when they are not boxed in to one way of letting you know they are with you.