It is absolutely amazing how our loved ones in spirit can communicate with us. Through the signs of Robin that I receive, I feel a divine hand of love guiding the everyday events of my life, working through the people I encounter. I don’t know how they do it, but when a loved one in spirit wants to get a message to you, they will do it. Their name can even show up on your money to remind you of them.

On July 31, 2014, I went shopping at a grocery store I shop at on a regular basis. As per usual, I brought my groceries to the cashier who rang up my selections. I paid and she gave me some change back.

To my great surprise, there was a name written on the $20 bill I received. It was Gibbons. I have included photos here for you to see it written in red ink. To protect the privacy of the person, I have blacked out the first name. But you can clearly see the initial K. and then the surname, Gibbons.

Please scroll down to see the images.

I rarely use cash and when I do, it’s even rarer for me to see a name written on a bill. What are the chances that I would receive this money with a variation of Robin’s last name on it? Very slim I think, and the fact that I did get that bill, and not the person before me or after me in line, is the very essence of afterlife communication: the impeccable timing of it. It deeply touched my heart to receive this spiritual gift. I have never spent this and keep it on Robin’s altar to this day as symbol of his presence with me.

I would like to mention that loved ones in spirit will give you that which will direct your attention towards them. It may not be an exact match with their name or whatever the sign is, but it will be so close that to ignore it or dismiss it because it’s not exact is being too hard on our loved ones. It’s important to be flexible. If you see their name or something close to it, it’s probably them. For example, in 2013, I saw a car with a license plate “POPPY” on it. That reminded me of Robin right away. A few weeks later, I saw another license plate, this time with “POPPI.” I’m not going to complain if it’s spelled a little differently! It still reminds me of our connection with poppies.

It was very touching to me that the day I received this bill was Robin’s wedding anniversary date as well.

I hope you enjoyed this story demonstrating another unique way a loved one’s presence can manifest!