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During the summer of 2012, I had been vigorously studying books and websites on afterlife communication. A few of them said to ask your loved ones in spirit for a sign and it could be anything you could think of. I was new to this type of communication, so it really helped to hear from those more experienced how you could connect with loved ones in spirit with a sign, specific or non-specific, simply by asking. The message usually was to go ahead and ask because they in spirit can do it. They can get the message to you, even if it’s not exactly what you asked for.

I think I took this advice to heart a little too much, as I was soon to find out….

One morning as I lay in bed, I asked Robin for a sign that he was there. I asked to hear his song “Another Lonely Night in New York” as the sign. It didn’t matter where I heard it.

It could be a grocery store, or radio, or even someone else’s radio I heard when driving down the road.

If I heard it, I would take that as the sign from him. I thought that by being open to the different ways the song could manifest, I was being helpful by being open.

I was wrong about that.

After I made my request, I fell back asleep. I then received one of the most amazing dreams of my life. In my dream, Robin’s brother Maurice, who is also deceased, came to me. In the dream we were in an empty room with beige walls, just the two of us. I asked Maurice, “Where is Robin?” He answered, “What you want is overwhelming for him.” Next, we stood there looking at each other for a few moments. In the dream, I remember feeling like I was confused about what he meant. The dream ended with me saying to Maurice, “Hugging you is like hugging Robin.” We gave each other a hug and then he was gone. The dream was over.

When I woke up, I clearly remembered the dream, but I was confused about what Maurice meant at the time, still groggy from sleep. I lay there in bed and pondered, “What I want is overwhelming for him. What do you mean?” Then the light bulb went off in my mind and I remembered that right before I went to sleep, I had asked for a sign, the song “Another Lonely Night in New York”. Maurice came to me in my dream to tell me that it was too overwhelming for Robin to send me that particular song as a sign.

It figures that of all the Bee Gees songs, I would choose that one!! I really like it, but it’s not played on the radio, so I’m sure that’s why it would be overwhelming. Why didn’t I ask for “Staying Alive” lol!

I was stunned. The implications of what had just happened boggled my mind. Our loved ones are real and still very much alive in spirit. Some are able to hear us (I cannot speak for all) and respond clearly and intelligently.

For some reason, Robin was unable to come to me in my dream to let me know that he could not send me the song as a sign. Maybe he did not want to! But Maurice could. Somehow, Maurice got the message to come tell me what Robin could not, perhaps because he was still adjusting to his new life in Spirit. Robin had been very sick with cancer before he died and I could see how he could have needed some time to heal.  I had asked for this sign within a couple of months of his death, so it would make sense that he was still adjusting. Maurice had been deceased for about 9 years.  It seems as Maurice was sent as an emissary to me to let me know that, no can do, Robin cannot send me the sign I asked for. But here’s the clincher:

Maurice coming to me in my dream to let me know that what I wanted was overwhelming IS the sign! How amazing and loving of Robin and Maurice to let me know they heard my request, but sorry, Robin can’t do it. I was shocked by this visitation by Maurice and the fact that he could hear me. This told me that Robin and Maurice are together in Spirit. I think Maurice heard me because he is together with Robin, which of course, one would expect.

Perhaps Robin asked Maurice to come and let me know he could not deliver that sign. Maybe Maurice came on his own, having heard my request, and knowing Robin was unable to send me the sign I asked for, came to tell me himself. An important note is that Maurice co-wrote this song with Robin, so it is his song too! Either way, I know Robin received my request that day and cared enough to let me know he couldn’t do it, even if he had to send Maurice.

I am still in awe of this, what I would call, 3-way Spirit communication: me in the physical realm and Robin and Maurice in the spirit realm. They received my request and let me know within a matter of hours what the answer was. I never have heard the song that I requested as a sign unless I played it for myself. They really meant it-too overwhelming! I understand that now, but at the time, I was just becoming familiar with Robin and the Bee Gees’ music again and I did not realize that song would be difficult to manifest.

Maurice and I never met either but obviously I knew who he was because of pictures and being Robin’s twin brother. Yet here he was, face-to-face with me in my dream, addressing what I had asked his brother. It was so interesting to meet Maurice in a dream like this. I was left wondering how this happens and where were we? Some say we visit the astral plane during our sleep time and this is where we can rendezvous with deceased loved ones.

I have realized that it is very limiting to think of the physical reality as the only reality.

Afterlife Lesson: Go ahead and ask your loved one for any sign you want, big or small, subtle or in your face. Just realize they reserve the right to say “no” if they can’t do it, just like we in the physical realm have the right to tell someone “no” when something asked of us is too overwhelming for us to do. I think this is very important for those of us in the physical realm to realize. I did not know this myself and I appreciate Robin and Maurice so much for letting me know.

I have learned that they still love us even if we ask too much sometimes.  Loved ones in spirit are very forgiving and I’m sure they understand spirit communication is as new to us as it is to them.  But once they say they can’t send a specific sign, I respect that and open to other ways they want to communicate. Every sign is a blessing and a miracle whether you got the specific one you asked for or not. Every day, I specifically invite signs, symbols, messages, communications and synchronicity to come into my life, but most of the time I leave it up to Robin or my other loved ones the particular details so they can have fun and surprise me.

After all, afterlife communication is meant to be fun and based on loving one another.