Telekinesis is defined as the supposed inducement of movement of an object by a mental or spiritual power.

The movement of objects by deceased loved ones is well documented in the afterlife communication literature.

I like this paragraph by Phil Mutz in the article, “9 Signs That a Deceased Loved One May Still be Nearby,” which explains telekinesis as afterlife communication well:

Objects being moved from where you left them and being put in your path can be a huge sign that a loved one is still nearby.

Many claim that particularly meaningful objects such as pictures or pieces of jewelry have been moved mysteriously. The belief is that these objects are being placed in your way as a way of letting you know that they are still with you.

These reports often mention that a person knew they left an object in a specific place, but that it had somehow moved.


In April of 2013, I started noticing little things being out of place around Robin’s altar. For example, the little aluminum tins that tealight candles come in were placed on the floor near his altar, which is something I would not do.

In May 2013, one year after Robin’s passing, he demonstrated amazing ability to move a picture of his that I kept on his altar.

Specifically, on May 21, 2013, one day after his passing date anniversary, I walked into my room and to my surprise the picture of Robin that I kept on his altar was not there. I exclaimed, “What happened to your picture?!” I looked around for a minute and then I found it on the floor, in back of the altar table, leaning against the table cloth. I was a little alarmed and wondered how that happened. At that time, I was not sure he moved it and thought maybe I knocked it off by accident in some way, even though logically, I did not see how. I was shocked and puzzled and though I had read that spirits can move their pictures, I was not sure, so I just put it back and left it at that. But that was not the end of it.

About 5 days later, on May 26, 2013, I walked into my room and this time his picture was turned upside down on top of his altar!  I knew then that he had done it because that was twice that it happened within a short time period. I’m sure he moved it again because I was not convinced the first time. Those were the only two times in all the years I have had an altar for him that he moved his picture.

Here, I have included actual images of the picture Robin turned upside.

As you can see by the pictures, the frame is rotated. Originally, it had been facing front. So, it was not just tipped over. It was rotated so the frame was laying down in a different direction than it had been originally placed by me.

I’m very happy he did not knock over the cup of tea I left for him, lol!

I don’t have kids or pets that could do something like that and my husband had no knowledge of it. I know Robin turned his picture upside down on his altar and I was absolutely amazed that he could and would do that. He certainly got my attention by doing that and it truly lifted my spirits to know he was around. He was also deepening his connection with me from synchronicity to dreams to telekinesis.

More importantly, he was introducing himself to me as a spirit person who could do this. This set the stage for Robin beginning a very active period of telekinesis in my home. I believe he turned his picture upside down to identify himself so that in the future, when other events occurred, I would know it was him.

I had never had any kind of spirit activity in my home prior to Robin’s passing, so it was new for me. I felt like he was training me to be awake, alert and pay very close attention to my surroundings. He was there and had found me. It’s so fascinating how a deceased loved one can die in England and then end up in your obscure apartment in Colorado, especially when they did not know where you lived prior to their death!

I hope you enjoyed this story. There will be others!