I pray for Robin every day and send kind, warm energy to him to support him on his spiritual journey. During the summer of 2013, I decided to read this lovely Celtic prayer wishing him deep peace.  I sat in front of the altar I created for him. I recited one line from this lengthy prayer, which was, “Deep peace, a soft white dove to you.” I sat at the altar for a few moments after that and then told Robin it was time to get on with my day, but I was open to any signs or messages he had for me.  Little did I know that the one line prayer I just sent to Robin would be the catalyst for an amazing and beautiful sign of his presence.

Circumstances arose that day that led to me to clean up around our home.  I started to remove some items from the top of our refrigerator which had become a messy storage area. As I moved items around, I discovered a tile I had made about 9 years ago.

On this tile was a white dove holding an olive branch in its mouth that I had painted all those years ago. 

For a moment, I was stunned and awestruck as I stood in my kitchen and held this tile.  I had this expansive feeling of childlike wonder at how I was guided to find this tile which was an exact mirror of what I had spoken to Robin in prayer just a few hours earlier. It was so amazing because I had not actually planned on cleaning the top of the refrigerator that day. Things came up that made it necessary to do so.

I had forgotten I had this tile; it had been so long since I’d last seen it.  I must have put it on top of the refrigerator a long time ago, because I honestly did not like it all that much. But that day, Spirit did not seem at all concerned about the quality of my artwork. It was going to be used as a sign and synchronicity.

Loved ones in Spirit actually hear what we say to them. Robin was giving me back exactly what I gave him to let me know he got my message.  It was like he was saying, “Deep peace, a soft white dove to you too. Here’s your long lost tile!” My question is, “How did he know I had that tile?”  It amazes me what loved ones in Spirit know about us. It’s actually incredible. It seems tied into some telepathic and psychic ability which is part of the divine intelligence. Someone that did not know you can get to know you very quickly and know all about your possessions.

Lesson: Loved ones in Spirit may be able to give you back what you give to them in your private thoughts and prayers to let you know they are with you and that they “heard” you. Circumstances during a particular day may guide you to exactly the object, song, writing, flower, etc., that matches what you said to them so you will have no doubt in your mind. When this type of synchronicity happens, it makes me wonder about how many of my choices are really my own and how many of them are divinely orchestrated, inspired and guided. I also came to realize that Robin, as well as our other loved ones, like to give us fun, amazing surprises to bring us happiness! It’s fun for them too, especially when we acknowledge, enjoy and appreciate what they give us.

Here is the Celtic prayer in its entirety. Enjoy!