On Saturday April 28, 2018, I went to read one of my favorite spiritual blogs, Doctors with Reiki. Reiki Doc Carla is a medical doctor who practices anesthesiology and reiki. This is a twin flame blog. She is very knowledgeable in writing about the spiritual darkness that is around us in terms of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and how dark energies have infiltrated our churches, Hollywood, the music industry, the economy, health care and others. One of her goals is to help awaken and make her readers more aware of what is really going on so we do not fall prey to it and can support others in their awakening. I am grateful for all I have learned from her.

On April 28th, I read her post for April 27th, because I was a little behind. In this post, I noticed a connection with my blog, concerning poppies. Since I have had this blog up only since April 7th, the timing is wonderful. She wrote about Anzac day:

I had never heard of Anzac Day. I saw the picture of poppies associated with it, so I did some quick research. Learning about this was of great importance to me given the theme of my blog for Robin.  I felt like I was being given a “heads up” from God and Robin to pay attention. I would like to say thank you for this.

I also noticed that the Anzac Day photo with the poppies that Carla posted is nearly identical to the picture of my RAF Bomber Command mug I posted on the Synchronicity and Samhain post.

Here’s a little of what I found out about Anzac Day:Afterlife Communications with Robin Gibb


Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.

Observed on 25 April each year, Anzac Day was originally devised to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. Anzac Day is also observed in the Cook IslandsNiuePitcairn Islands, and Tonga, and previously was a national holiday in Papua New Guinea and Samoa.”


I offer honor, thanksgiving, and praise to all those who served and died in the countries of Australia and New Zealand, countries so close to Robin’s (and the Bee Gees) heart.

This is actually the second time I have had a synchronicity with Reiki Doc and the topic of poppies. On December 2, 2016, I read her blog in the morning and as I scroll down, I noticed the photo of a poppy, along with her message for her guide. She mentions Flanders Field. I was already moved by the fact that she had a picture of a poppy and I felt like this was a sign that Robin was with me. Here is the important excerpt:


I explained to him how in Flanders Field they cover the horror from the carnage and the death, how poppies are good things, and how their simple beauty inspires us all here on earth.

I don’t know why, but at this, Raphael started to sob. He said, ‘that was beautiful’ and he completely understood my point, of how love and beauty cover all darkness in the end…I held him and thanked him again for his kindness to me.

There IS only Love.



Here is some additional information about Flanders Fields:


Flanders Fields is a common English name of the World War I battlefields[1] in an area straddling the Belgian provinces of West Flandersand East Flanders as well as the French department of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, part of which makes up the area known as French Flanders.

The name Flanders Fields is particularly associated with battles that took place in the Ypres Salient, including the Second Battle of Ypres and the Battle of Passchendaele. For most of the war, the front line ran continuously from south of Zeebrugge on the Belgian coast, across Flanders Fields into the centre of Northern France before moving eastwards — and it was known as the Western Front.

The phrase was popularized by a poem titled In Flanders Fields by Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae which was inspired by his service during the Second Battle of Ypres. The fields were unmaintained for years before they were made into a memorial. Today Flanders Fields is home to tens of thousands of poppies.


Later that same day on December 2nd, I went to read my Bee Gees’ book called The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb, Kindle Edition, by Melinda BilyeuHector Cook, and Andrew Môn Hughes. I read through a couple of pages and then I came to this reference to Flanders. I was so shocked, happy and surprised with the synchronicity with the Reiki Doc blog that I cried. It meant so much to me that the events of my daily life were connected with what I was reading about the Bee Gees.

Here is a paragraph to give you some context:


Although concerts in La Coruna, Milan, Lyon and Montpelier were cancelled, the one in Brussels was reprieved late in the day. On hearing that it was going to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales, fan club representative Ann Grootjans intervened. “The promoter helped eventually in fact,” she said. “It was the record company’s fault, combined with a promoter who started promoting too late. ‘When He’s Gone’ was supposed to be in the shops, but it wasn’t, and it got no airplay either.” Ann argued that the lack of response was more down to insufficient awareness than the public’s apparent apathy. To prove her point, she organised a group of like-minded supporters to go around Belgium’s capital and the whole of Flanders putting up posters. They even covered the city of Liège in Wallonia. Within days, the show was a sell-out.

  • Source:  Bilyeu, Melinda; Cook, Hector; Môn Hughes, Andrew. The Ultimate Biography Of The Bee Gees: Tales Of The Brothers Gibb (2001, 2013, Kindle Locations 15606-15611;15611-15612). Omnibus Press. Kindle Edition.


That is how it works for me with synchronicity concerning Robin. Something going on in my daily life will often match up with something connected back to him that is especially meaningful. Sometimes, all it takes is one word. Even though he is not here in physical form, his energy is still here. My energy and what I do during the day can synchronize with his energy. Items like his book symbolize him. It is mysterious. When the synchronicity occurs, it comes in ways that I never could have anticipated. Due to this, I feel like I am being guided in the choices I make each day that lead me directly into these synchronicities. It also speaks to my connection with other blog writers and people as what they do is mysteriously involved in how this tapestry is being woven. It speaks to the interconnectedness and oneness of many souls.

Thank you for reading!


Famous Spirits? Not So Much Anymore.

Famous Spirits? Not So Much Anymore.

…You are taken in the net of my music, my love, and my nets of music are wide as the sky…

            ~Pablo Neruda, excerpt from In My Sky at Twilight

It is my understanding that in spirit, famous people are no longer famous. Unlike here on earth, we are all considered equal souls regardless of our earthly status and how much money we made. One of my favorite books about the afterlife, Life in the World Unseen (Kindle Version September 2013) by Anthony Borgia includes a chapter on famous people. The question of what happens to people in the spirit world, who were famous on Earth, is posed.

According to Borgia, spirits who were once famous on earth are treated like everybody else. No other spirits refer to another’s earthly status or fame and there is no embarrassing curiosity about who one was or what one did in life. A spirit who was a famous person may be recognized and respected for who he or she had been in their previous life, but they are more loved for what they are now in spirit. To expand on this, I offer this excerpt:

We have left our earthly importance behind us, and we do not refer to it except to show, by our own experiences, to others still incarnate, just what to avoid. We do not revive our memories for the purpose of self-glorification, or to impress our hearers. Indeed, they would not be in the least impressed, and we should only succeed in making fools of ourselves. We recognize the truth here, and our true worth is for all to see. It is spiritual worth, and that alone, that counts, irrespective of what we were upon the earth-plane.

Perspectives and view-points are completely altered when one comes into the spirit world. However mighty we were upon the earth-plane, it is spiritual worth only that takes us to our right place in the spirit world, and it is the deeds of our life, regardless of social position, that at our transition will assign to us our proper abode. Position is forgotten, but deeds and thoughts are the witnesses for or against us, and we become our own judges.

Borgia, Anthony. Life in the World Unseen (p. 117). Kindle Edition.

I am glad that no one is considered famous in the spirit life. I would not want a repeat of this earthly life in the spirit world, namely, earthly-based false superiority and inferiority, separation and division just because of a person’s status, wealth or fame, or a lack thereof.

How does Borgia describe a spirit like Robin Gibb specifically, given that he was a musical composer?

But how does this affect some well-known scientist, let us say, or a musical composer, or a painter? To us—and to themselves— they will be learners, and humble learners, too, in whatever branch of science or art their earthly lives led them. To you, still incarnate, they are famous names, and when we have occasion to refer to them in speaking to you we use those names by which they are familiar. Here, in the spirit world, they dislike to be referred to as masters or geniuses. Their names, however famous, mean nothing to them personally, and they sternly repudiate anything that even remotely approaches the hero worship that the earth world accords them. They are just one of ourselves, and as such they wish to be—and are—so treated.

Borgia, Anthony. Life in the World Unseen (p. 118). Kindle Edition.

It is through this lens that I see Robin and write about my experiences with him. In one interview I saw of Robin, (Who Do You Think You Are, Series 8, Episode 7, 2011) he described himself as being down to earth. He had a great sense of humor and was very kind to his fans. As a result, I expect he did not have too much trouble in adjusting to his new life in spirit as just one of ourselves.

I have provided two youtube videos where this chapter is being read by a kind soul. For the video The Unseen World 28, the chapter on famous people begins at 4:39 and continues on video 29.


Video #28

Video #29

Variation of Gibb on $20 Bill

Variation of Gibb on $20 Bill

It is absolutely amazing how our loved ones in spirit can communicate with us. Through the signs of Robin that I receive, I feel a divine hand of love guiding the everyday events of my life, working through the people I encounter. I don’t know how they do it, but when a loved one in spirit wants to get a message to you, they will do it. Their name can even show up on your money to remind you of them.

On July 31, 2014, I went shopping at a grocery store I shop at on a regular basis. As per usual, I brought my groceries to the cashier who rang up my selections. I paid and she gave me some change back.

To my great surprise, there was a name written on the $20 bill I received. It was Gibbons. I have included photos here for you to see it written in red ink. To protect the privacy of the person, I have blacked out the first name. But you can clearly see the initial K. and then the surname, Gibbons.

Please scroll down to see the images.

I rarely use cash and when I do, it’s even rarer for me to see a name written on a bill. What are the chances that I would receive this money with a variation of Robin’s last name on it? Very slim I think, and the fact that I did get that bill, and not the person before me or after me in line, is the very essence of afterlife communication: the impeccable timing of it. It deeply touched my heart to receive this spiritual gift. I have never spent this and keep it on Robin’s altar to this day as symbol of his presence with me.

I would like to mention that loved ones in spirit will give you that which will direct your attention towards them. It may not be an exact match with their name or whatever the sign is, but it will be so close that to ignore it or dismiss it because it’s not exact is being too hard on our loved ones. It’s important to be flexible. If you see their name or something close to it, it’s probably them. For example, in 2013, I saw a car with a license plate “POPPY” on it. That reminded me of Robin right away. A few weeks later, I saw another license plate, this time with “POPPI.” I’m not going to complain if it’s spelled a little differently! It still reminds me of our connection with poppies.

It was very touching to me that the day I received this bill was Robin’s wedding anniversary date as well.

I hope you enjoyed this story demonstrating another unique way a loved one’s presence can manifest!

Don’t be Overwhelming

Don’t be Overwhelming


During the summer of 2012, I had been vigorously studying books and websites on afterlife communication. A few of them said to ask your loved ones in spirit for a sign and it could be anything you could think of. I was new to this type of communication, so it really helped to hear from those more experienced how you could connect with loved ones in spirit with a sign, specific or non-specific, simply by asking. The message usually was to go ahead and ask because they in spirit can do it. They can get the message to you, even if it’s not exactly what you asked for.

I think I took this advice to heart a little too much, as I was soon to find out….

One morning as I lay in bed, I asked Robin for a sign that he was there. I asked to hear his song “Another Lonely Night in New York” as the sign. It didn’t matter where I heard it.

It could be a grocery store, or radio, or even someone else’s radio I heard when driving down the road.

If I heard it, I would take that as the sign from him. I thought that by being open to the different ways the song could manifest, I was being helpful by being open.

I was wrong about that.

After I made my request, I fell back asleep. I then received one of the most amazing dreams of my life. In my dream, Robin’s brother Maurice, who is also deceased, came to me. In the dream we were in an empty room with beige walls, just the two of us. I asked Maurice, “Where is Robin?” He answered, “What you want is overwhelming for him.” Next, we stood there looking at each other for a few moments. In the dream, I remember feeling like I was confused about what he meant. The dream ended with me saying to Maurice, “Hugging you is like hugging Robin.” We gave each other a hug and then he was gone. The dream was over.

When I woke up, I clearly remembered the dream, but I was confused about what Maurice meant at the time, still groggy from sleep. I lay there in bed and pondered, “What I want is overwhelming for him. What do you mean?” Then the light bulb went off in my mind and I remembered that right before I went to sleep, I had asked for a sign, the song “Another Lonely Night in New York”. Maurice came to me in my dream to tell me that it was too overwhelming for Robin to send me that particular song as a sign.

It figures that of all the Bee Gees songs, I would choose that one!! I really like it, but it’s not played on the radio, so I’m sure that’s why it would be overwhelming. Why didn’t I ask for “Staying Alive” lol!

I was stunned. The implications of what had just happened boggled my mind. Our loved ones are real and still very much alive in spirit. Some are able to hear us (I cannot speak for all) and respond clearly and intelligently.

For some reason, Robin was unable to come to me in my dream to let me know that he could not send me the song as a sign. Maybe he did not want to! But Maurice could. Somehow, Maurice got the message to come tell me what Robin could not, perhaps because he was still adjusting to his new life in Spirit. Robin had been very sick with cancer before he died and I could see how he could have needed some time to heal.  I had asked for this sign within a couple of months of his death, so it would make sense that he was still adjusting. Maurice had been deceased for about 9 years.  It seems as Maurice was sent as an emissary to me to let me know that, no can do, Robin cannot send me the sign I asked for. But here’s the clincher:

Maurice coming to me in my dream to let me know that what I wanted was overwhelming IS the sign! How amazing and loving of Robin and Maurice to let me know they heard my request, but sorry, Robin can’t do it. I was shocked by this visitation by Maurice and the fact that he could hear me. This told me that Robin and Maurice are together in Spirit. I think Maurice heard me because he is together with Robin, which of course, one would expect.

Perhaps Robin asked Maurice to come and let me know he could not deliver that sign. Maybe Maurice came on his own, having heard my request, and knowing Robin was unable to send me the sign I asked for, came to tell me himself. An important note is that Maurice co-wrote this song with Robin, so it is his song too! Either way, I know Robin received my request that day and cared enough to let me know he couldn’t do it, even if he had to send Maurice.

I am still in awe of this, what I would call, 3-way Spirit communication: me in the physical realm and Robin and Maurice in the spirit realm. They received my request and let me know within a matter of hours what the answer was. I never have heard the song that I requested as a sign unless I played it for myself. They really meant it-too overwhelming! I understand that now, but at the time, I was just becoming familiar with Robin and the Bee Gees’ music again and I did not realize that song would be difficult to manifest.

Maurice and I never met either but obviously I knew who he was because of pictures and being Robin’s twin brother. Yet here he was, face-to-face with me in my dream, addressing what I had asked his brother. It was so interesting to meet Maurice in a dream like this. I was left wondering how this happens and where were we? Some say we visit the astral plane during our sleep time and this is where we can rendezvous with deceased loved ones.

I have realized that it is very limiting to think of the physical reality as the only reality.

Afterlife Lesson: Go ahead and ask your loved one for any sign you want, big or small, subtle or in your face. Just realize they reserve the right to say “no” if they can’t do it, just like we in the physical realm have the right to tell someone “no” when something asked of us is too overwhelming for us to do. I think this is very important for those of us in the physical realm to realize. I did not know this myself and I appreciate Robin and Maurice so much for letting me know.

I have learned that they still love us even if we ask too much sometimes.  Loved ones in spirit are very forgiving and I’m sure they understand spirit communication is as new to us as it is to them.  But once they say they can’t send a specific sign, I respect that and open to other ways they want to communicate. Every sign is a blessing and a miracle whether you got the specific one you asked for or not. Every day, I specifically invite signs, symbols, messages, communications and synchronicity to come into my life, but most of the time I leave it up to Robin or my other loved ones the particular details so they can have fun and surprise me.

After all, afterlife communication is meant to be fun and based on loving one another.

Picture Turned Upside Down

Picture Turned Upside Down

Telekinesis is defined as the supposed inducement of movement of an object by a mental or spiritual power.

The movement of objects by deceased loved ones is well documented in the afterlife communication literature.

I like this paragraph by Phil Mutz in the article, “9 Signs That a Deceased Loved One May Still be Nearby,” which explains telekinesis as afterlife communication well:

Objects being moved from where you left them and being put in your path can be a huge sign that a loved one is still nearby.

Many claim that particularly meaningful objects such as pictures or pieces of jewelry have been moved mysteriously. The belief is that these objects are being placed in your way as a way of letting you know that they are still with you.

These reports often mention that a person knew they left an object in a specific place, but that it had somehow moved.


In April of 2013, I started noticing little things being out of place around Robin’s altar. For example, the little aluminum tins that tealight candles come in were placed on the floor near his altar, which is something I would not do.

In May 2013, one year after Robin’s passing, he demonstrated amazing ability to move a picture of his that I kept on his altar.

Specifically, on May 21, 2013, one day after his passing date anniversary, I walked into my room and to my surprise the picture of Robin that I kept on his altar was not there. I exclaimed, “What happened to your picture?!” I looked around for a minute and then I found it on the floor, in back of the altar table, leaning against the table cloth. I was a little alarmed and wondered how that happened. At that time, I was not sure he moved it and thought maybe I knocked it off by accident in some way, even though logically, I did not see how. I was shocked and puzzled and though I had read that spirits can move their pictures, I was not sure, so I just put it back and left it at that. But that was not the end of it.

About 5 days later, on May 26, 2013, I walked into my room and this time his picture was turned upside down on top of his altar!  I knew then that he had done it because that was twice that it happened within a short time period. I’m sure he moved it again because I was not convinced the first time. Those were the only two times in all the years I have had an altar for him that he moved his picture.

Here, I have included actual images of the picture Robin turned upside.

As you can see by the pictures, the frame is rotated. Originally, it had been facing front. So, it was not just tipped over. It was rotated so the frame was laying down in a different direction than it had been originally placed by me.

I’m very happy he did not knock over the cup of tea I left for him, lol!

I don’t have kids or pets that could do something like that and my husband had no knowledge of it. I know Robin turned his picture upside down on his altar and I was absolutely amazed that he could and would do that. He certainly got my attention by doing that and it truly lifted my spirits to know he was around. He was also deepening his connection with me from synchronicity to dreams to telekinesis.

More importantly, he was introducing himself to me as a spirit person who could do this. This set the stage for Robin beginning a very active period of telekinesis in my home. I believe he turned his picture upside down to identify himself so that in the future, when other events occurred, I would know it was him.

I had never had any kind of spirit activity in my home prior to Robin’s passing, so it was new for me. I felt like he was training me to be awake, alert and pay very close attention to my surroundings. He was there and had found me. It’s so fascinating how a deceased loved one can die in England and then end up in your obscure apartment in Colorado, especially when they did not know where you lived prior to their death!

I hope you enjoyed this story. There will be others!